Book review : The Optimum Nutrition Bible

I bought this book several years ago to satisfy my curiosity about vitamins. Whilst it answered most of the questions I had at the time, it raised many, many more. Perfect.

The Optimum Nutrition Bible is certainly a comprehensive guide. As the name suggests, it’s a great reference guide; but it also contains an excellent introduction to the basic ideas of Optimum Nutrition.

The New Optimum Nutrition BibleThe edition I have (2004, paperback) begins with 5 chapters looking at various aspects of Optimum Nutrition itself – what it is, ideas on the perfect diet and a look at the wondrous workings of a healthy digestive system.

However, it’s the second half of the book that I find myself referring to on a regular basis. Here’s a brief look.

Your personal nutrition program

If you know you’re not healthy and your current diet is less than perfect, this is perhaps the greatest part of the book. After asking several pertinent questions, the book will suggest a number of dietary changes that should help get you on the right track (often in very quick time). Once your overall health is under control, everything else becomes that much easier.

Incidentally, if you’re already in reasonably good shape and your diet isn’t that bad; this is still a very useful chapter. A little fine tuning can make an enormous difference.

A to Z of Nutritional Healing

Whilst you may already be in the habit of taking Vitamin C when you have a cold, or Calcium and Magnesium to help you sleep; this chapter provides detailed diet and supplement advice for asthma, diabetes, hayfever, constipation and many more. If you’re not feeling 100%, this is a superb resource.

Common questions

Finally, the book addresses a multitude of common questions – all in great detail, as you’d expect. Ever wondered how much fibre you really need? What’s in a well-balanced diet? Which carbohydrates you should eat?

Read on. It’s a great book.

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