how to freeze food

The Ultimate Guide to Freezing Food

Explore the essentials of freezing food with the ‘Ultimate Guide to Freezing Food’ by Scott Bird. This guide covers effective methods for preserving a variety of foods, ensuring quality and flavor retention. Perfect for anyone keen on reducing waste and enhancing their kitchen skills.

Pigs In Space: The Truth About The Swine Flu

THE MEDIA IS LYING TO YOU!! Shocking News: 36,000 People Dead In The U.S. Due To The Flu! Sounds scary, doesn’t it? I mean, this whole Swine Flu makes you want to send every pig on earth into orbit. That’s the answer man. Shoot ‘em all up into the atmosphere. Let Ms. Piggy sort ‘em out. That bit of shocking news? It’s true. About 36,000 people have already died of the flu — last year. And the year before. And…. the year before that. And so-on, and so-on.