Pigs In Space: The Truth About The Swine Flu

[ Note: This article was written by fitness and nutrition author Jon Benson. Jon is the author of Seven Minute Muscle Workout and many others. I have his permission to share it with you. ]

Pigs In Space:
The Truth About The Swine Flu


Shocking News: 36,000 People Dead In The U.S. Due To The Flu!

Sounds scary, doesn’t it? I mean, this whole Swine Flu makes you want to send every pig on earth into orbit.

Pigs in Space!

That’s the answer man. Shoot ‘em all up into the atmosphere. Let Ms. Piggy sort ‘em out.

That bit of shocking news? It’s true.

About 36,000 people have already died of the flu — last year.

And the year before.

And…. the year before that.

And so-on, and so-on.

Not the “Swine” flu — that’s killed one person so far in the United States (an infant.)

The “flu” flu.

You know…. the FLU? The pain-in-the-ass flu bug that you’ve known about but never feared and panicked over since you were a kid?

Yeah… that flu.

36,000 a year in the U.S. alone.

How many media outlets are talking about this historical fact? Hardly any.

Just today I saw headlines in 4-inch type: “FIRST AMERICAN SWINE FLU DEATH”.

Now, I feel for the poor little baby who died. Do not get me wrong.

But can you not see the clear, unmitigated media hype here folks?

The media depends on sensationalism and hype to sell papers and advertising. Period.

And almost ever year, something like this comes along. A few years ago it was “Bird Flu.” Remember?

How many people do YOU know that were killed by the Bird Flu.

Uh-huh. Me too. Zilch.

Let’s review:

36,000 a year die of the simple, plain-old flu.

And… we’re supposed to freak out over the potential of a new strain?

Okay — here’s what you can do to protect yourself from any strain of flu — and colds for that matter.

Ready? It’s kinda complex, so be sure to take notes…

  1. 1. Wash your hands.

  2. 2. Never touch your face (mouth, nose, eyes) before washing your hands. Antibacterial soaps probably do not help much. It is more important to take time to wash/scrub hands well. (from a post by a doctor to this reply…thank you!)

  3. 3. Eat a diet that is low in insulin response.

  4. 4. Drink plenty of water.

That’s all.

I know, very, very complex stuff… but… what can I say.

The only thing you may NOT being doing (most people are not) is eating a low-insulin diet. That’s a diet that does not promote insulin resistance in the cells.

The ideal diet for that is my Every Other Day Diet. Why?

Well, because I wrote it… that’s why. ; )

Actually, because it allows you the foods you love every week, so you don’t feel like you’re on a diet all the time.

If you doubt the claims, just read about the results on my support blog.

Or get yourself a copy. Try it. If you don’t like it, I’ll pay you back.

Simple as that.

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Feel better now? Good.