About Me

chairI was at my heaviest weight in 1990, a earth thundering 475 pounds. After 2 and a half years, I dropped nearly 300 pounds of fat and in the years since, gained nearly 60 pounds of lean muscle tissue through Weight Training and Bodybuilding. I tell people that I have a Before, and After and a Current picture because at my lightest weight, 187 pounds, I was still carrying some body fat and was quite gaunt. It was through the process of weight training that I began to pack on some muscle and become more proud of how I looked.

Rob-Arizona-Sunset-Jan-06After being on the web since 1995 with my former fat guy website, I finally launched this new blog to create a community of like minded individuals. People looking to lose weight, discuss their weight issues, gain knowledge about the various weight loss programs out there and to discuss natural health and weight loss.

This page is a work in progress as I have time.

August 24, 2007: I have been working quite hard interviewing and training new expert authors for this blog. By interviewing them, I mean I am interviewing them and recording it so that you may get to know the author better.

Updating my About page has been put on the back burner for a bit as I ready this blog for the leading experts in their fields. Lots to come.

as for contacting me, there is no “contact me” page on this site. my email address is myfirstname at formerfatguy dot com. Just piece that back together in your email client and I’ll get it. I get hundreds of emails a day. If it’s a question, I make every effort to answer it on this blog for everyone to see. If you’ve asked it, most likely hundreds of others WANT to ask it. I may or may not be able to answer your question personally. However, I’m very active on this blog (of course), and in the weight loss support forum, so your best way to ask questions is to leave a comment on this blog, in one of the posts. You’ll get special attention from either myself or my team of expert authors.

I was the host of an internet radio talk show back in 2003 and I’m getting ready to launch a Podcast on this blog so will be attending Podcamp in Boston in October to get up to speed on the latest about that. I have a few of my interviews available as a package at and I have 3 more interviews with , and on my other website

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