Stupid Reasons People Die – Dr John Corso

I’ve been reading this book “Stupid Reasons People Die” by a former student of mine Dr John Corso. He’s a student of mine from a Peak Potentials Warrior Camp course that I was facilitating at last year.

Save Your Own Life?

We know that fitness and sensible diet and emotional and spiritual wellbeing are vital for good health, and this has been the cornerstone of much of my coaching and teaching at Yet how often do we hear of active, health-conscious people dying suddenly, long before their time?

If you’re a long time reader, you’ll know that I’ve worked as a facilitator for Harv’s Peak Potentials courses since I had my own experience with them at Millionaire Mind and then at Warrior Camp. I’ve posted a lot of my experiences about this on my other weight loss blog.

Last year while running an event at Warrior Camp in California, I had a student who’s also a doctor. His name is Dr John Corso and he’s recently written a book called “Stupid Reasons People Die”. I was given a signed copy and have been reading it over the past few weeks.

In his new book, Stupid Reasons People Die – An Ingenious Plot For Defusing Deadly Diseases, physician, John Corso MD, hopes to help stop these tragedies. His message compliments ours as part of an overall wellness plan and so I wanted to share it with you. Corso cautions that even if we do everything right, maintain a healthy weight, keep physically fit, etc., we may still harbor hidden conditions – medical ticking time bombs – that are often genetic. These can kill in the prime of life, simply because we fail to look for them. If we wait for them to find us, it’s often too late.

Here’s a short 3 minute video of Dr Corso talking about the book on Fox news

[youtube Z9hKxZE4iuc nolink]

Dr. Corso says

“We want a long and healthy life and we’re willing to work for it. But, most of us start in the middle of this task instead of at the beginning by focusing only on a healthy lifestyle and neglecting to find and treat the often genetic and sometimes random problems that kill tens of thousands of Americans every year. To identify and treat hidden heart disease, tiny cancers, thin bones, dangerous snoring and others is easy and effective – we’re just not doing it.”

Easy and entertaining to read, Dr. Corso’s book will help you:

? Live long enough to see your Great Grandkids.
? Learn which diseases are most likely to shorten your life and how to stop them.
? Focus on the health issues that really matter.
? Become immune to distorted advertising claims and media scare tactics.
? Utilize the power of science and technology while minimizing the dangers.
? Build more confidence about the state of your health.
? Gain control over your health care decisions.
? Learn how to get the state-of-the-art in medical tests and treatments.
? Free yourself from some ingrained medical myths and misconceptions.
? Stop being controlled by your health insurance company.
? Worry less about disease.
? Learn which questions to ask your doctor.
? Bullet proof yourself against many cancers.
? Maintain strong bones into your 80’s.

“There are only a few stupid reasons to die; they just happen to kill a whole lot of people” says Dr. Corso. He’s out to help you find and stop them in yourself and your loved ones.

A number of other experts, myself included, have come together to help get John’s message out there. If you purchase Stupid Reasons People Die on June 12th, as part of a special promotion through you will also receive other valuable health and fitness bonuses for no additional cost. Click here to learn more:

I laughed when I got the book because I was about to enter a post about “everything being a drug”, and then saw his Chapter 4 “Everyone’s addicted – Everything is a drug”. Yep. Everything is a drug… even food has an effect on our hormonal system having drug like effects.

Great book.. go get your copy

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