The Life And Death Of My Mother Eleanor Cooper Podcast

My mother Eleanor Cooper passed away Sunday morning, Sept 9 2007 of a heart attack. Mom was 80 years old, passionate about her Lord Jesus Christ and faithful to her last breath. Mom lived an adventurous life, growing up on a small farm in Western Saskatchewan Canada with 10 other brothers and sisters. She married my father in 1949 and quickly raised a family of 3 girls. I was born 14 years after my youngest sister much to the delight of my father. Mom was passionate about teaching and in the past five to ten years, I learned a great deal about the children she remembered and who they grew up to become. She was quite proud of the legacy she left.

Eleanor Cooper, my mom and I

Me and Mom July 25 2005

This is one of my favorite photos of mom and I taken in the summer of 2005. It was always hard to get her to sit quietly for a picture because she loved it so much that she was always giggling. The photos always ended up looking like she was holding back a big giggle. She loved having her picture taken and the photo guys and girls at her photo mart in Lloydminster knew her by name.

Mom began to get more frail in the past few years, and after living alone in her apartment, on the third floor, for the past 13 years, we moved her to a seniors home just a few months ago. We moved her to Leader Saskatchewan, a very small farming community in southern Saskatchewan so that she could be near my oldest sister.

As I said, mom was quite devout.

I believe that we’re a spiritual being having a physical experience, and with that belief, believe that mom is now more a part of me than ever before. I believe that we’re all energy and we’re all connected. Now that mom’s spirit has left her body, she’s with me all the time and it’s actually much easier to communicate with her.

In this weeks podcast, I discuss my mom and her life, more for me than for any other reason.


I love my mom, still do. She will be with me always.

Be Well Mom

I love you

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