Channeled Message From My Spartan Women..

This message is a channeled message from the Spartan women I see when I am writing my articles. I assure you I have not written this on my own. She is a very powerful women and has many women with her. They are all about to give you there life stories through me, and will have messages to give you along the way. This however, is the Spartan message. Take much care in reading it. They are hear to help us ans watch us. Spartan Women

“I am a Spartan women and I have many messages for you all. Women of today, be on your guard for what is right. Feel our energies take over your bodies and let us in. We will be the ones from the past to give you strength and the abilities to hold strong and in position. When you are not strong enough for yourself call upon us and we will be there to uphold your strength for you. Allow us to help. Many women are here from the past ready to help in all ways, there is no shame in asking. We have a lot of stored up energy just waiting for you to ask for our help.

Our strength was one of the most powerful in all nations, you have already learned that. Now let us show you how strong our next generation can be. Let us help your daughters to become stronger women, tell them of us and how to let us in, to stand by you in strength and possibility to gain what we could not before. Your very freedom relies on it.

I am hear because Kandace asked me to give you a message. My message is to stand up for yourselves and call upon your Spartan women to help for strength. Stand tall and proud for who you are. We did! “

Clarity with Kandace
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