Book review : Light on Yoga

This was the first book I ever purchased on Yoga, and it’s easily the most comprehensive. Well before the exercises begin is a history of the art itself, and a number of concepts which may sound unfamiliar to many.

Basic Yoga Principles

Before you make a dive for the yoga mat, take a look at the sections on the basic principles. These pages cover everything from breathing to preparing yourself mentally and physically for the work itself. There’s a lot of great information in there.

Yoga Exercises

Each exercise (and there are several hundred in the book) is depicted in great detail, with a photograph or two illustrating the pose. The information covers precisely how to move in and out of each pose, what to do when you’re not quite able to reach a particular point; and when to perform it.

The book also states – and this is perhaps the most important part of the description – what to expect whilst you’re holding the pose. What will stretch, where you’ll automatically put your weight; how you’ll feel.

Medical conditions

This is where the book really distinguishes itself. Based upon the experiences of his pupils whilst working as a teacher (for no less than 25 years), the author suggests groups of exercises which will aid various medical conditions. These conditions include such things as Arthritis, Asthma, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and many, many more.

NB : There is no suggestion in the book that these exercises will magically cure the conditions; they can, however, help enormously.


Overall, it’s a fantastic book. If you’ve ever considered the possibility of Yoga but are not quite sure what it’s all about; Light on Yoga gives you a great look into this amazing world. You won’t be disappointed.

NB : This review was written based upon the 2001 paperback edition of this book. The current edition has included additional – equally valuable – information.

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