Fitness Clothing – Running Skirts

I love to workout. I like being “buff”. I don’t mind sweating. I even grunt every once in awhile. But more than all that, I LOVE being a girl.

So why not combine both those worlds?

What you wear to workout in has to be functional and comfortable, because no matter what we’re there to kick butt. But who says girls can’t kick butt and look cute doing it?

Getting fabulously fit and looking cute at the same time seems like a win-win situation to me.

No matter what your size or fitness level there’s fitness fashion out there for you!

Proclaim your girliness while pumping iron or tearing up the treadmill in an oh-so cute skirt! Don’t think of the knee length, church-wearing, polyester skirt your mom used to make you wear.

These running and athletic skirts are figure flattering, practical, functional and comfortable. It’s the ideal workout wear – in a skirt!

Check out these skirts from They’re made of lightweight fabric that wick away sweat and come in a fabulous array of colors. The attached briefs are made with reverse seams so there’s no chaffing, even on a long run. The athletic skort, the site offers, provides a bit more coverage and boasts a pair of attached compression shorts. Perfect for doing squats, laying on the weight bench or stretching. They’re sizing goes up to a women’s 16-18. The company was created by sisters who figured they were spending all this time in fitness gear, why shouldn’t they be fashionable at the same time!

plus size fitnessFor all the girls with a few more curves (plus size women), check out this plus size tennis skirt. It’s a great tennis skirt that comes in a soft baby blue and fits up to 60’ waist, 71’ hips. How’s that for strutting your stuff while getting fabulously fit?

Next time you walk into the gym or hit the pavement, do it in style. Shake it like you got it! Don’t wait till you hit some magical number on the scale before you go buy yourself the fitness fashion you really want. If you feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing while you workout you’ll be able to focus on putting in a good workout. Not imagining that someone is looking at you or talking about that girl who just walked in (although some of the girls may be wondering where you got the adorable skirt!). The more good workouts you get in, the quicker you’ll reach your goals!

So pick up that barbell and sweat like a girl!

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