Empowerment and Vision

Empowerment! How much power are you letting out, really? Are you holding back because of outside sources? Many of us tend to feel un-empowered and helpless, trust me it happens to everyone. It happens to Trump, The President, Oprah, and everyone around you. But, have you noticed how they switch their focus on a dime. No matter what, they still hold onto their vision.Empowerment Evita

During my sessions, I see how others let many outside sources get to them leaving them feeling down, depressed and helpless to do anything about their situation. So they wallow in their grief and disappointment and stay fixed on the fact that this is what is and they cannot change it. Hogwash I tell you! There is nothing farther from the truth. Do you think that Evita Peron would have gone from poor slums to ruling a country if she wallowed in her depression? No way! She manifested the life around her to be empowered! She focused on what she wanted and didn’t care how it came about. She just knew it would. Then she took it to the next level of who she really was.

Many famous people have done the same thing. They empowered themselves with the inspiration and vision of one day becoming who they are today. I bet if you ask any of them they will tell you they had many twists and turns. I also bet they will tell you they let go of how it would happen and focused on what they wanted instead. Then simply took the action that was presented by the Universe.

Like Evita Peron! She took action as soon as it was presented to her. I didn’t matter what others thought nor did it matter what they wanted for her. She empowered herself by letting her inner strength guide her. If you haven’t read her story maybe you should.

We all have this same power with in us. All we have to do is release it. There is a power deep within you just waiting to bust out! Just waiting for you to say the word and let go of the outside influences around you. Feel the power way down inside and say the word.

Empower yourself! Feel your self worth. You are just as worthy to have everything you want as Trump, The President, Oprah and everyone else around you. Blessings and Love Light!

Until next time… Live Empowered!

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