Would The Real Queen Candace Please Stand Up

The real Queen Candace you say? Isn’t there only one. Ahhhh! That is what I thought, and what I am finding about about her or should I say them is getting pretty interesting. Not only are they a very strong group of women but they new exactly how to stand back to be noticed. Follow me on this for a minute.

African Queen CandaceThe name CANDACE is actually a sir name so to speak for the Empresses of Ethiopia somewhere around the fourth century B.C.E to the fifth century C.E. This meant a long line of women with the name Candace, actually about 500 years worth of Candaces’. Each with there own specific accomplishments, some great, some small, but never the less true to there heritage and name.

In Ethiopia, which is not the Ethiopia we know today, there were kings that stood in a place of authority, however, it was thought that these men were sacred. Too sacred in fact to rule the country or even be touched. Thus leaving the spot to rule the country to there mothers or wives. The Queens of Ethiopia CANDACE.

These women were smart about how they actually did it too. They let credit go to the kings but it was well known who took the role of ruler. They were loved and yet feared. Their leadership was unmatched.

We will learn more about these wonderful women in my next article. There is much to explore. What made them so strong? Strong enough to scare Alexander the Great! What were there marriages like? How were they trained. These are all questions I am doing research on. But for now, I think we can just accept that they were strong and so shall we be.

Until next time.. Blessings!

Clarity with Kandace

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