I’ll take a little bit more please.

Ya, you heard me…I’ll take a little bit extra.

Most of you may be thinking food right?
Nope, I’m talking about some extra responsibility.

I landed a job interview on Monday with a company that I am extremely excited to work for. I was hired a whole 6 minutes into the conversation. It is by far the best interview I have ever had.
I felt confident going in, I wasn’t nervous or flustered. I attribute this confidence to my weight loss. In the past I always DREADED job interviews. Sure my resume is great, but I never really felt that way about myself. Companies choose their staff based on what type of person they want to represent their business as well as their qualifications. I was always of the mindset that no one wants some fat girl working at the front with all of their customers. Having this in my mind made it almost impossible for me to succeed, and I really believe it has held me back from some wonderful opportunities.

Well no more of that shit. I’m different. I feel different because I look different. It really is amazing what losing a few pounds can do for your self esteem.

What will this mean for my weight loss journey?
I mean COME ON…I have two jobs now, add in 4 kids, a husband, a new fish, volunteer work at the school and a household commitment…I DEFINITELY don’t have time for the gym anymore right?


I have time for anything that I am committed to, and I am committed to MYSELF!!!
My new job will not affect my weight loss at all. If anything it will just make it better.
Why? Because I refuse to make excuses.
I will be working weekends, which is my gym free zone already. Even if it was during the week (which my 1st job already is) it STILL wouldn’t make a difference because I am working out before the sun warms the streets.
The only thing that will have to change is my eating schedule…k well not really…I’ll just be eating away from home.


On the weekends I will be required to pack ALL of my daily meals and carry them with me. That’s not hard at all. I have already taken the steps necessary to ensure that I have everything needed to ensure my continued success. I have purchased a small cooler, plastic containers, plastic forks and knives, ice packs, etc etc. I will just have to make my meals the night before, which is no skin off my teeth, just one less thing for me to do in the morning.

I have left NO room for “buts”…you know what I mean by that right?
“but I don’t have containers” “but I don’t have a lunch box” “but my job has no fridge”

no excuses

“BUT YOU’RE JUST BEING RETARDED”…come on, seriously, give your head a shake. It’s not that difficult, and nothing is unattainable. All it takes is a bit of planning ahead and the right “tools”.
I always find it funny, and giggle quietly to myself, when people say that they can’t find the time to work out, or eating healthy is inconvenient for them. If anyone is pressed for time, IT’S ME, and I am doin it all baby.
It just comes down to how badly you want it.

So how badly DO you want it? hmmmm?


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