How Emotional Freedom Technique Can Help You Lose Weight And Keep It Off!

When we want to lose weight, have insomnia or any other fears or phobias, they are ingrained truths that have been learned from our parents, passed down through DNA, learned from siblings or teachers, or simply decided to be true. These emotional blockages are tied up in your cells and without a very simple method of Emotional Freedom Technique would continue to control and influence your life.

When we come into this world we are inundated with truths from others and we adopt them as our truths because we don’t have our own as of yet. We get our truth, which become written on our walls from our parents, even passed down through DNA, or past lives if you believe in that. Our siblings influence us and give us their truths, our friends, other family members, our teachers, our churches, TV, etc. It’s these truths that makes each of us such individuals. We carry on in our lives living by our truths and so does everyone else.
But what if our truths are holding us back?

Now some of those truths work as well to day as they did when we learned them, like taking care crossing the street, but, however, if our Mother had had a frightening experience while crossing the street and she instilled her great fear of crossing streets in us we may just have an unhealthy fear of that same thing. It might have been mice or heights, speaking up for ourselves or any other fear or phobia.

These are what we call energy disruptions. If we can smooth out those disruptions we can carry on with our lives in a more peaceful way.

Who doesn’t want more peace in their lives?

Writing On The Walls

Emotional Freedom Technique founder Gary Craig describes these “truths” as the “writing on the walls” and it is a significant starting point to understand Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT.

More of whatever you’re lacking can be attained using the simple tapping technique taught in the Emotional Freedom Technique.

What Would You Like More Of?

  • More Peace
  • More Love
  • More Ease and Grace
  • More Abundance of good things
  • More Confidence to take better care of yourself.
  • More Joy
  • More of what ever you are lacking can be attained by tapping out the disruption that the lack is causing.

In my many years helping others using the Emotional Freedom Technique, I have not come up against an issue be it health, wealth or happiness that can’t be smoothed out by EFT. As the founder of EFT Gary Craig says,

The Cause of All Negative Emotion is a Disruption in the Energy System


Tapping smooths out the disruption and you are flowing freely.

With his extensive research and the comments and testimonials of 100,000 people who receive his free newsletter twice weekly will show you, you name an issue – any issue, anything that is causing your trouble, and EFT can make a difference – Truly.

Those issues that seem physical in nature, check out Louise Hays’ Heal Your Body A to Z, she gives you the probable cause of so many physical issues so you can use EFT when you are stuck with what is physically bothering you.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple way to remove emotional blocks and assist you in loosing the weight, keeping it off, sleeping soundly all night long or getting past your fears that are holding you back. Emotional Freedom Technique is your way to Peace.

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