My Son Sees Dead People

My son always made fun of the movie “Sixth Sense”. He would look at me and say “Mommy I see dead people”, then break out in his little giggle. I always thought that was funny, seeing as how I CAN see and hear others who have passed, but I would just laugh with him and say ” I see them too. But you better stop saying that!”

Well low and behold the Law of Attraction is at work. For about 2 years now I have noticed my son being more interested in what I do and telling me about weird experiences he was having. I knew what was going on but waited for him to come to terms and be more comfortable with his new found ability, and that happened this week. I was so happy and proud! Well, I am a mom first ya know!

My SonIt all started with a phone call a couple of days ago. He and I have our normal evening talks on the phone since he lives in Jacksonville, Fl. with his Dad. We talk almost every night and he tells me about his day, nothing riveting usually. But the other night, he began to tell me about a patch of fog he had seen that morning. He was on his way to school, and from out of nowhere there was this fog. He said it wasn’t large but as soon as it was there, it was gone again. He had a funny feeling about it, so he asked me to see what I felt. I told him I saw many people but 2 stood out, one was a gentleman in a Civil War out fit and the other was a lady with red hair and a red dress, looked like she was from the WWII days. We talked about it for a little while then got onto other subjects. These kinds of things are common place for us to talk about, the kids have grown up around strange happenings and things. All was well, or so I thought!

“Someone Keeps Calling My Name”

Not 2 minutes later, he called back. He was a little nervous and said “Mommy, I keep hearing someone call my name. I look and no one is there but I know someone is here.” I took a minute and could see it was a kid about the same age as my son. I started to ask this kid what he wanted with my son, while Colby was listening to this conversation. He wanted to skateboard with him, but the more I connected with this kid, the more negativity I felt. Colby felt it too.

Finally I said, “If you are not from the White light you have to leave. You cannot stay.” I immediately felt something release, he had left but was angry. To clear things out I always call upon the Angels and Saints to come down and clear any negativity to send it back to where it came from. Then an Our Father, since I am raised Catholic.

My son and I were at beginning of our prayer when the phone call was disconnected. I tried to call him back twice but couldn’t get through. This is nothing unusual for me when I am doing a clearing, but Colby was upset. I finally got back in touch with him and he instinctively knew what had happened. It freaked him out a little bit he said, but I told him that was normal.

Finding A Skateboarding Angel

After I was sure things were okay, I asked Colby if he would like someone from the White light to help him skateboard better. He said Yes. I was so happy, he was being so open to this experience, it made me see how much potential he has if he chooses to take this further.

Colby remembered a boy named Stewy. Stewy died skateboarding because there was no safe place to do it he was hit by a car. We know this because Colby and I have been to the skateboard park Stewy’s mom built in his remembrance.

When Colby said Stewy’s name he came right to the forefront and was excited that Colby had asked for him. Then my son asked me to teach him how to communicate with Stewy. I told him how it starts, so he is working on that.

I am so proud!

Well the best part is next.

The very next day Colby called me so excited! He had been trying to accomplish a trick for a while and was not too successful at it, but on that day…… He did it 11 times in a row! Stewy said it was all in his timing. How cool is that?

Colby is opening up and learning to communicate with those who have passed and I am happy to see that he is not withholding part of who he truly is anymore. He has given me updates on his conversations and I am coaching him through it. AMAZING!!

So, when he was little all those times he said “I see Dead People” he was telling the Universe that’s what he wanted, and well, you know the Universe! It responds to what you focus on. I hope everyone takes the time to talk to loved ones that have passed. Take the time to feel them, not see them. You will feel their love in return. But if you have any trouble with that, just give me a call. Have a great and wonderful week! Blessings!

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