Navy Seals Perfect Pushup Review

Pushups have long been a staple of any body weight workout routine and the true measure of a man. Any physical fitness test done at schools or in bars by college students revolves around the amount done in a given time or overall amount done to failure. The pushup is also the staple of the Navy Seals and before even arriving at the Basic Underwater Demolition / Seal training, the candidate must pass a physical exam including pushups. What the seals learned from years of trial and error, was that basic bodybuilding routines and programs created worn out shoulders and other body parts. After extensive testing to determine why their seals were being injured, the end result was the Perfect Pushup.

perfect pushup review

The Perfect Pushup

The military realized that 73% of Navy Seals were on disability after 20 years of service (cite) so they spent an entire year researching why and found that it was the traditional weight training exercises that did the damage. They switched to functional training and the Perfect Pushup was invented.

perfect pushupThe Perfect Pushup is designed to rotate with your body as you put it through the pushup movement. The natural tendency of your shoulders and chest is to rotate, so the perfect pushup rotates with you as you do the movement. The result is less injuries and a better built body.


  • Unique rotating handles allow your arms to rotate naturally during pushups
  • Engages more muscles, while reducing joint strain
  • Exercises based on U.S. Navy SEAL Two Min Drills

Its very simplistic in design, but rugged in construction, and the price is right at less than $40 Рso there’s no reason not to invest in this fantastic fitness gadget. The Perfect Pushup is available from amazon. Includes a full color instructional poster that shows perfect form along with a customizable 21 day workout planner based in SEAL 2 minute drills that works for any fitness level Рfrom beginner through Olympic athlete. A travel version will soon be available as well which folds flat to fit in your suitcase.

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