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…I bet you didn’t know that Ultrahomeopathy is the only medicine used -yes insisted on- by the British Royal family.

…I bet you didn’t know that Ultrahomeopathy is the only medicine that reverses genetic decline…

…I bet you didn’t know even simple homeopathy has had amazing results during epidemics…

…I bet you didn’t know that every generation experiences genetic decline in North America… From Infertility and conception difficulties, to massively expanded birth difficulties and early childhood disease – including allergies and asthma, to dramatic obesity. You’ll understand in future articles why this genetic weakening is happening – and its outcomes.

Now – The internet is amazingly full of misinformation on homeopathy. Why? Because an enormous multi-billion industry that directly influences 150 different countries is very threatened by the success of homeopathy — or any other competitor.

The Truth About Homeopathy is that it definitely works, even if the internet is full of falsified information about it (there is a reason for that – see below) – it is the highest form of medicine, nothing can make you feel better, and those who are in good homeopathic hands say it is nothing short of miraculous… that is The Truth About Homeopathy…

Now here’s the Why:

Examples of efficacy in mass pandemics:

When we had the Spanish flu epidemic in 1918, 22 million people died world wide of this virus. Here are some interesting facts: In the US alone, 500,000 deaths were caused by this epidemic. (In a future article, I will explain how viral epidemics work….)

Dr Dean W A Pearson, of Philadelphia and Hahnemann College collected data of 26,795 cases of influenza, treated by homeopathic physicians, which showed a mortality rate lower than 1.05%. The mortality rate among those treated by Allopathic medicine – without homeopathic medicine – was 30% to 40%.

Now ask yourself:

Which risk might -I- like to be exposed to?

1% or 40% chance of death?


Proof of Homeopathic efficacy rates in well-known pandemics…

…So what is homeopathy? And what is the the advanced Ultrahomeopathy?

DEAR READER: This article is the introduction to another specialty that I have. It is literally a Health Care Revolution!

After this introduction, I will refocus on the Inner Biochemistry healthcare revolution for the next few months… as I did in the introductory article about Vitamin C and Calcium. The next article is about “Sugar Burners”…

What Is Homeopathy?

…So what is simple homeopathy? And what is Ultrahomeopathy? It is a system of medicine founded by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, who lived between 1755 and 1843 in Germany. It is based on a new principal that “like cures like”. What does this mean? A medicine capable of producing certain effects when taken by a healthy human being is capable of curing any illness that displays similar effect… This is known as the “law of Similimum.”

A painting of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann – founder of Homeopathy – observing the horrors of “Allopathic Medicine” as it bludgeons and poisons patients to death – even for profit*:

Homeopathy observing the horrors of Allopathic medicine

(*Note in the US, medical doctors are currently forced to sign contracts with HMO’s guaranteeing patients will not be told of new and better treatments and methods. Thus preserving HMO profits. That’s on top of one of the what is already one of the worst systems of health care per dollar spent. In the area of Cancer alone, new treatments have been received with SWAT Teams, attack dogs, lab burnings, and over 300 cancer-research scientists “dead” over the past 5 years – all under suspicious circumstances… the profits of this industry are enormous – and it stops at nothing to protect them. Cancer books are routinely forced out of circulation by the US Government – without regard to “freedom of the press” or constitutional rights…This is why it’s a big area folks. Better information is often fought savagely, to protect profits. In fact, it’s hard to find good health information on the Internet…a sad comment on the state of democracy, and ethics, but let’s move on with the article…)

For example, if a healthy person takes a dose of arsenic, he will develop vomiting, diarrhea, a rapid pulse and prostration. His skin will become cold, and he will grow very anxious. If he continues using arsenic, his nose will be running, he will have a heavy head, cough, and bronchial catarrh. Later he will develop even more specific disturbances of the skin and nervous system. He will have a burning sensation all over, which is relieved by warmth. He will have frequent thirst for sips of water; he will have fear of death, restlessness, and the worsening of symptoms at noon and midnight.

Now if any of these symptoms are experienced by a sick person, they can be treated by Arsenicum…. Because you can see that the original substance has attacked the physical level (runny nose, catarrh, cough, etc.) The emotional level (restlessness) and the mental level (fear of death, and prostration)

Now – follow me carefully here – because this part is hard for most people to understand: So what is “Arsenicum”. It is arsenic diluted in a special way, take one part arsenic to 99 parts water and mix and shake well ( succussing is extremely rigorous shaking )

… Then take one part of this mixture and mix it again with 99 parts of water – and repeat…

This is called dilution and potentization. When you repeat this process 12 times you have *not one atom* of the original substance left in the new mixture.

According to the law/constant of Avogadro:

Avogadros Formula

To give you some idea how small these doses are – consider a concept of chemistry known as Avagadro’s number: This number is an extremely large number that becomes a negative number, it’s “602” with twenty one 0’s after that! That represents the number of particles present in any given quantity of substance. It is also known as a “mole”.

When you dilute more than 12 times there can’t be any atom left of the original substance.

Potencies used commonly today, are 6C, 30C, 200C, 1000C, 10000C and 50000C.

To give the reader some idea of how extremely diluted, let’s take for example a dilution of 100000C. Let’s describe it in terms of a numerical fraction. Avogadro’s number would correspond roughly to a dilution represented by 1/1000… to a total of 24 zeroes. A potency of 100000C would be represented by a dilution of 1/100000…to a total of 100,000 ZEROES! Inconceivably far beyond the point at which not one atom of original substance is left.

Therefore, it has been said that “poison is the remedy for poison…” Hahnemann postulated this principle as “Similia Similibus Curentur” meaning roughly “like is cured by likes.”

Ultrahomeopathy is the only medicine where the remedies are tested on human volunteers, or “provers”, to illicit the symptoms they will produce.

So now understand that any medicine you put in your body, ie. “Tylenol, Aspirin, Zantac” etc which you take for a symptom, will cause other symptoms…These other symptoms are called by pharmaceutical companies “side effects”. They are not side effects – they are primary effects of the drug quite purposely misunderstood by a for-profit industry. They say “side effects”, because these are the effects that we are not interested in seeing, but everybody who takes that individual drug experiences a multitude of symptoms.

It will cause symptoms on the physical level, emotional level, and mental level – even if you just take it for the physical level…depending on your susceptibility level to that substance.

Taking Tylenol for a headache will come with maybe a bit of nausea, sleepiness, and often constipation. Which is the primary effect? And which is the secondary effect?

To look at it accurately – They are all primary effects.

So take for example common side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, headache, nausea, constipation, dizziness, death. This has become the number one cause of death in North America – right now.

…Depending on how susceptible you are to a substance that is how you will react. The individuals who are extremely susceptible to a drug can have a real anaphylactic shock from something as simple as aspirin.

What happened to the Hippocratic Oath of “above all, do no harm…”?

…As in the 3rd law of Newtonian physics, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction?”

Allopathic medicine ignores this principle.

How To Improve Sleep or Insomnia With Homeopathy


Let’s take insomnia. We take a sleeping pill for that, so if you can’t sleep you take a pill that will knock you out. You sleep. This is the “action” of the pill, but the “re-action” of your body to that pill is wakefulness – as anybody who has taken a sleeping pill knows. In general “the next night” you have even more problems sleeping, you take one more pill – which won’t knock you off as hard as the 1st one – and in time the affect of the pill will get less and less and you will need stronger and stronger pills – or more and different kinds of pills.

…This is the approach to sleeplessness coming from an Allopathic point of view… they are trying to set forth an action and trying to ignore the equal and opposite reaction. Over a lengthy period of time, you will definitely get increased sleeplessness.

The homeopathic approach to the -same symptom- using the earlier “like cures like” – gives a remedy to increase the symptom – a remedy that in a sleepy person would create sleeplessness.

Let me explain, by working with the “Law of Similars” the Ultrahomeopath uses the principle of equal and opposite reaction to bring healing. Giving the patient the correct remedy causes sleeplessness – which is an action. The system meets this with an equal and opposite reaction – which is sleepiness. Together – both reactions harmonize into a healing reaction.

Ultrahomeopathy is a reactive medicine, one that places the healing impact on the equal and opposite reaction rather than an active medicine, such as Allopathy, that places the forces of cure on the first medicine action, and calls the equally potent reaction, “a side effect.”

Can Coffee Improve Sleep?


A potential remedy for sleeplessness in a good Ultrahomeopathy case-taking is “Coffea” – or coffee in diluted and sucussed or potentized form. Do you understand these laws at play now? If not, please go back and reread this section until it “sinks in”. When you “get it” – then you’ll understand how powerful this is.

There are other remedies used for sleeplessness, you have to use the correct remedy that fits the picture of a person on the physical, and emotional and mental level – at the same time. Some practitioners do not understand this principle, so they feel like, that homeopathic remedies can be used like allopathic drugs – which couldn’t be further from the truth. ie. The watered-down, garden-style variety of “health food store homeopathy” – with the thinking that “This remedy is for headache, this remedy is for trauma, this remedy is for colds, this remedy is for allergies.” We’ll have further articles in this area – but this point is key. Improperly used homeopathic remedies can be as damaging as Allopathic drugs. Don’t play games with this. Self-prescribing is sure to hurt you.

Example: Take a health food store or beginner homeopath “combination” or “cocktail” of remedies for your asthma – and all 9 will work! 1 for you, the other 8 against you. Get it? At first it might seem “that it worked” as in Allopathy, and later you will have a bigger, future disease to pay

In Ultrahomeopathy, we look at what is different, what makes each person unique, so we can treat the patient with individual precision…. Allopathic medicine looks for what is the same between patients and then applies a uniform treatment to the disease.

When I get a patient and they say they are experiencing depression, I always ask for more information – what else are they experiencing? They usually experience a multitude of -simultaneous- symptoms like indigestion, head ache, and some menopausal symptoms.

All the symptoms should be considered by the Ultrahomeopathic physician and instead of giving one “canned” remedy for depression, asthma, or headache – we have to treat the whole person with only 1 remedy, of an available 10,000 – instead of guessing and giving a remedy. We treat the whole person.

It is not easy but that is what Ultrahomeopathy is. It’s a process of intricate analysis that has hyper-precise results….And takes years of training to accomplish.


Now think of a multi billion dollar pain killer industry, think of a head ache. IF you take a painkiller for a head ache, does that actually cure that head ache? Of course not. It merely separates you from the sensation of pain. That’s all. It’s not even addressing the cause.

Ultrahomeopathy is the only form of medicine that can improve the genetics of future generations. There is research that shows that 3 generations treated in a row with Ultrahomeopathy will totally erase normal childhood diseases at the genetic level. Ultrahomeopathy deals with anything, from a mild ear ache, to a crisis, from infertility to degenerative disease, including cancer. Most importantly — without suppressing your disease. (Suppression guarantees larger future disease – it is unfortunately the favorite form of both Allopathic and certain Natural treatments in North America at this time. More on this in a future article. Sign up for this blog in the upper right hand corner – and Look for the article on “Health Suppression – How Current Treatments = guaranteed future, larger diseases – and increasingly weaker generations of kids”.)

Ultrahomeopathy is the only form of medicine that can address disease at it’s deepest level – it’s cause. The name of the disease does not matter, because we treat the person with very unique individual symptomatology – and the treatment is done without suppression of the disease, instead, intra-cellular cause resolution.

This is something I will explain later in a future article…Again – It is important to Sign up for this blog in the upper right hand corner – and Look for the article on “How Current Treatments = guaranteed future, larger diseases – and increasingly weaker generations of kids”.

Now do you understand why the Royal Family and Billionaire Rock Stars insist exclusively on Ultrahomeopathy?

…Why those with money and informed opinions are Shunning North-American medicine?


The Truth About Homeopathy is that it worked amazing well in epidemics/pandemics that made history, it invented vaccination – and does it properly (unlike all the current autism-linked vaccine knockoffs/ripoffs – which for-profit break all the original rules as intended by homeopathy) – and if you really want to feel well, this is the highest form of medicine…

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