You’re doing what?

I’m losing a bunch of fuckin weight….that’s what!!!

In 5 short weeks I have said goodbye to 21 pounds. TWENTY ONE POUNDS!!!!!!!!
That is the average weight of an eight month old baby!! I have gone from a size 24 to a “just a smidge too tight” 20.
I’m a little excited….can you tell?
I feel fantastic and my energy level is through the roof. I am more confident with myself, my clothes are falling off and people are actually starting to notice my weight loss. I have been on the receiving end of some interesting comments over the past few days..
“Did you do something different with your hair cause your face looks skinnier”
“Holy crap those pants are baggy”
“Are you wearing contacts, because your eyes look huge”
“Have you been working out?”
“Whats going on with your boobs? I thought they were bigger”
“Are you taking diet pills or something?”

HAHAHAHAHAHA I love my friends.

Twenty one pounds is A LOT, so I should probably stop here, hey?

I’m not even a quarter of the way to my goal weight. Watching that scale go lower and lower each week gives me motivation to keep going. And I can assure you that I will continue to see those numbers decline. I’m a woman on a mother fuckin mission, and nothing short of a sherman tank is going to stop me on this one. I know this because I know myself.

I am not going to sugar coat it for you and say that these past few weeks have been all rainbows and butterflies. It has been some seriously hard work, and it has been emotionally draining at times. I have obstacles and set backs just like everyone else but I continue to push forward, because I know the payoff will be massive.

The gym that I play in has a motto, “Change your Body, Change your Life, Change your World.” I am loving the changes, I am loving the effect they are having on my life, my body, my family, and even my relationships. I really have no idea why I didn’t start all of this sooner.

So what exactly is “all of this” ?
Oh man, I’m soooooo glad you asked….

As you already know, I have been following a program called . It is an “e-book” that is downloaded directly onto your computer.
Now, I have attempted MANY weight loss programs in the past, but this one…..this one is quite different. It is incredibly easy to follow, and it has given me a wealth of information in regards to proper nutrition, the “fuel” that is turning my body into a fat burning machine!!
I have the attention span of a peanut, and I love this book because it tells me exactly what to eat, how much, and when. It’s actually fairly fool-proof. There is no weird food involved here, there is no starvation. In fact, I have not heard my tummy grumble for a good two weeks.
One sec, I’ll show you some of the Tastey Part

Day One
Meal 1: Egg whites and Cream of Wheat
Meal 2: Chicken Breast and Sweet Potato with
Meal 3: Lean Steak and Broccoli
Meal 4: Egg white omlette with Asparagus
Meal 5: Chicken Breast with Spinach Salad with
Meal 6: Hard boiled egg and Spinach Salad

Day Two
Meal 1: Egg white omlette and Oatmeal
Meal 2: Chicken Breast and Brown Rice
Meal 3: Basa fillet and steamed Green Beans with
Meal 4: Protein Shake
Meal 5: Lean Steak with steamed Veggies and
Meal 6: Egg White Omlette and a piece of Fruit

Yeah man…I TOTALLY know what you are gonna say…”That doesnt sound very tastey AT ALL!!”’s what you do with it…
I use seasonings and stuff, it’s not like I am forcing naked chicken down my throat. Fresh herbs and my new favourite Mrs. Dash seasonings make a WORLD of difference. I LOVE food, and I am not feeling left out at all here. I will admit that I have not been 100% clean with my diet…if I want a treat, I have a treat. I just dont eat the whole fuckin box. HAHHAHAHHAHA

I spoke a bit about my Gym days last week. I want to show you what this past week has consisted of. Let’s call this the Sweaty Part

Day One: Upper Body (On my own)
*35 minutes of Cybex Arc Trainer (A pre designed interval program, Level 3)
Lat Pull down: 60lbs- 2 sets of 25. Last set I made it to 20 (I went to failure)
Shoulder Press: 40lbs- 2 sets of 20
Bicep Curl (machine): 30lbs- 2 sets of 25
Tricep Extention (machine): 40lbs- 2 sets of 20. Last set I made it to 18. (I went to failure)
*25 minutes of Cybex Arc Trainer (A pre designed interval program, Level 4)

Day Two: Lower Body (Personal Trainer)
*30 minutes of Cybex Arc Trainer(A pre designed interval program, Level 3)
Lunges: No weight- 2 sets of 20 (each leg)
Ball Squats: No weight – 3 sets of 20
Leg Curl (seated):50lbs- 25 reps(too easy) 60lbs- 2 sets of 20
Leg Sled (seated):200lbs- 10 reps(too easy) 240lbs- 20 reps + 5(too easy) 265lbs- 20 reps +7 =)
Leg Extension: 40lbs- 2 sets of 20. Last set pushed it to 30 reps =)
Seated Calf Raises: 25lbs- 3 sets of 20

Day Three: Cardio (On my own)
*Straight Cardio for One Hour- Eliptical (HIIT)

Day Four : Upper Body (Personal Trainer)
*30 minutes of Eliptical (Custom HIIT)
Lat Pull down: 65lbs- 3 sets of 25
Girlie Push Ups: 2 sets of 20. Last set I pushed it to 24 (I went to failure)
Incline Chest Press: 30lbs- 2 sets of 25 40lbs- 21 reps (I went to failure)
Isolateral Front Pull: 35lbs- 20 reps(too easy) 45lbs- 2 sets of 20
Free Weight Shoulder Press: 20lbs- 3 sets of 20
Tricep Extension: 45lbs- 2 sets of 20. Last set I made it to 27 =)
Bicep Curl (machine): 35lbs- 3 sets of 20

Day Five: Lower Body (On my own)
*35 minutes of Cybex Arc Trainer (A pre designed interval program, Level 3)
Lunges: No weight- 2 sets of 25 (each leg)
Ball Squats: No Weight- 3 sets of 20
Leg Curl: 62.5lbs- 3 sets of 20.
Leg Extension: 42.5lbs- 3 sets of 25.
*25 minutes of Cybex Arc Trainer (A pre designed interval program, Level 4)

I should mention that on the days I see my personal trainer I do the cardio on my own, before our appointment. I have a full hour of weights when I see her.

I freakin love the gym…I truely do. I want you to love it as well…
So I’ll tell you what..

If you live in Edmonton and you are ready to make a significant change in your life, and you are sick and tired of sitting there being miserable with yourself, I have a proposition for you….
I have two weeks of gym time (at my gym of course) that you can have….for free!!! You can even come with me if you want. I don’t bite. *wink*

Careful though, there’s a catch…(shhhhh, you knew there would be one)

You have to be willing to put in a solid effort, NO PUSSY FOOTIN AROUND, for 5 days a week. That is ten days of gym time….NO EXCUSES!!!
I’m not expecting you to go all Arnold Schwarzenegger in there, but I want you to get full use out of it. Find a temporary niche and then push yourself past your comfort level a bit.
If I can do it, YOU can do it. All you have to do is commit.
Two weeks is nothing…dinner parties take longer to prepare. It is just enough time for you to get a taste of the changes you will experience, physically AND mentally.
I want you to tell me how badly you want this….I want you to dig deep and tell me why you deserve to be happy, and what steps you are willing to take to get there…
I will be accepting responses in the comment section until September 15, and on that day I will choose a partner in crime!

If you don’t think that the gym is the right place for you right now, but still want to get off your ass, join me Sunday mornings in the River Valley. Psssssst…I’m a beginner too, don’t be shy. I’ll even bring snacks!!!!!

I will see you succeed, I will see your confidence level soar, I will share your experiences, I will watch you transform yourself into something amazing. I will follow YOUR weight loss journey, just as you are following mine. Actually caring is so much better than pretending to care. I care because I am figuratively in your shoes right now.

I wanna see you drip sweat and make some fuckin noise!!!

Challenge me….I dare you.


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