3 Tips To Manifesting Your Desires

It’s Friday and that means weight loss tips. 3 tips that you can begin to apply right now, 3 days earlier than those who begin on Monday. This is your change to take action, to begin now and apply some simple little tips and take charge of your weight. This week I’m taking a small break from the weight loss tips and instead will follow along with our theme on The Attractor Factor. The Attractor Factor is all about attracting into your life the things that you want, so this week, 3 tips for manifesting your desires.

Speak As Though It’s Already True – when you’re talking to yourself about that which you want to have in your life, that which you want to attract, speak as if it were already true. Act as if it was already in your life, speak as if it were already in your life and your brain will hear you. Add in the emotions of how it will feel to have this and visualize what it’s like. If it’s being in a size 6, then visualize how you would look and how you would feel. Add energy to it and it you will begin to pull that which you want towards you. Sit for at least 5 minutes each day in a quiet place and visualize having already achieved what you want. Do this for 21 days, anchor it and record the results.

manifesting your desiresFocus On What You Want, Not What You Don’t Want – It’s all about the words and the energy really. If you’re always talking about all the bad stuff in your life, then you’re pretty clear about what you don’t want right? The more you focus on bills or traffic or weight gain, the more you get. You’ve added energy to the thoughts and you get exactly what you’re complaining about. Now, after all that practice of complaining, turn it around, use it to your advantage. Realize that what you talk about is what you get. If you’re always complaining about not being able to find a parking spot, then start EXPECTING the perfect parking spot right in front of the place you want to go. Imagine it being there, right in front, the perfect spot. Expect it. Believe it and then Receive it. Have fun with this one. Every day when you go out, sit for a moment in your car before you leave and know that a parking spot is in front of the place you want. Then as you’re driving, begin imaging the spot either vacant or opening up. Expect “Rock Star Parking“. Do this for 21 days, anchor this new habit for parking spots and track your results.


Be Grateful For What You Already Have – We must be grateful. We must appreciate what we have in order to receive more. Gratitude is the key. This is a simple one to practice too, just make note each day of 3 things that you’re grateful for, right now, no matter where you’re at in your life. Just be grateful. Every night before you go to bed, just consider 3 things that you have in your life that you’re grateful for and honor them. Do this for 21 days, anchor it, and track the results.

I was giving away free copies of The Attractor Factor to 2 lucky people who left their comments about desires they wanted to manifest and the feedbac has been awesome. Go have a look at what and how people are manifesting along with , Scott’s video explanation of and . Kandace has some great tips on as well from a post she wrote earlier this week.