Speaking My Truth

I have let my beliefs keep my hands tied for so long so as to appeal to everyone and not piss any one off. I have not spoken my truth but I will no longer let that happen. I cannot make everyone happy all the time and I’m not going to limit myself any longer. I am taking a stand to honor my truth and who I really am. I am a very loving man, very Spiritual, want to be surrounded by beautiful women but have one committed woman in my life and honor her and her truth. I swear, I love, I give, I laugh and I cry. I have two cats that I love very much. I appreciate the beauty in all things. I train hard.. I sweat. I have a bible, but I’ve never read it. I drink occasionally, Red Wine and a good beer. I was vegetarian for 12 years of which 2 were Vegan… Now I’m not. I love meat… I’m a real guy, and I simply will not hesitate with my choices of words when I’m writing any longer.

The catalyst was a very powerful email from a friend that I posted with her permission. I’ve been overwhelmed with email and responses to the post One Serious Commitment To Weight Loss

So much so that my day yesterday was spent answering emails rather than writing.

Based on the responses, I’ve found a few things of note. Some people do not understand why I thought it was the best email I’ve ever received, others completely resonate with it and others were so offended by the word “fucking” that the looked past the message.

The f word can have a lot of power. Power for good and power for evil. It can empower you to take action and fully commit or it can be used to completely destroy someones life. It’s about choice. We are confronted with choices every day and it’s in how we react to them that make us who we are. The word “fuck” has no meaning; it has no power; it’s just 4 letters. It’s You and I who give it meaning. It’s your choice, it’s my choice. It’s not any different than saying “fricking” or “frick”. I know some people who can give that word some incredible power as well, for both good and bad.

One of my best friends sent me an email. It was the most moving thing I’ve read in a long time and I KNOW it has the power to change so many lives for the better. I believe that we need more enlightened people in this world, which is the whole point behind Warrior Camp. I shorten the actual name “Enlightened Warrior Camp” to just Warrior Camp for simplicity of writing. Part of enlightenment is to see things from another point of view. You don’t have to agree with me or anyone else, that is a choice as well, however, allowing another person their point of view allows your’s to be received as well. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Well, I’m going to be me and speak my truth in hoping that you as well honor yourself and speak your truth. For more information about the power of words, read the book “The Four Agreements”

I LOVE the diversity on this planet. Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Mormon, Jewish, Black, White, Yellow, Red, Male Female, Heterosexual and Homosexual. It’s a wonderful planet and there are so many points of view.

I love asking questions and learning about people, how they’d react to situations and what there beliefs are. Two people can watch the same incident and describe it differently. It’s amazing. When I drove cab, I found it quite entertaining to see how people lived their lives. Some different than mine, some similar.

I have spent a lot of time with Leonard Eaglecloud Howell, a native shaman healer. We’ve done many a sweat lodge (many), smoked peace pipes and participated in native drumming ceremonies. He’s a beautiful singer, very funny and quite spiritual. I’m proud to call him a friend.

I’ve been to church, but quit when given the option by my parents at about age 13. My mom is quite devout as is my sister and her family. I have a good friend and associate Gene Sullivan who runs his ministry under the name “Jump For Jesus“. He is the former bodyguard for Evil Knievel and a fellow Sunrider. Watch your hand when you shake his… he may rip it off.

I’ve read about Buddhism, Taoism. I’ve been inside the mosque in Cairo where Muhammad Ali‘s crypt is located.

I am very spiritual, but I am not a church goer and do not subscribe to any one faith. I believe in the power of nature, the universe, all that is around us. Some call this power or energy God, others Jehovah, and many more “the universe”. If I had to narrow it down and describe my faith, I’d have to say it’s closest to Buddhism or Taoism. If I had to pick one, it would be Buddhist, however I do not go to temple, I just resonate with the message. I have NEVER told anyone this in print and only 1 person I know, knows my take on this. Funny enough.. nobody has ever asked, which is refreshing because I don’t believe it matters.

Be the best person you can be, do no harm and with every breath, try and change the world to make it a better place. Simple.

I have long been very careful about what it is that I say on my blog and in my writing. I also realize that by watching what I’m saying and being concerned about who I might offend has really limited me and not allowed me my full creative reign. I’ve sent out holiday messages saying “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas” just so I don’t offend the Jewish.

I do not wish to offend. My mission is to change lives. To inspire people to take action on their health and physique. However, this caution that I take to not offend will no longer be in effect. Let me make this clear. I do not wish to offend and I won’t purposely say something to cause harm, but I won’t change all my wording so that it appeals to everyone and is the “diluted” version of the message.

From this point forward, I will be me. I will write in my style, saying what I have to say and if I choose to say “Holy Crap” or “Fuck” from time to time, it will be only if it’s fitting and in line with the message. Again, that word has power in it and I choose to use it for change…. The power to change… for commitment… to give power to your actions and your undeniable commitment to take action on your goal and know that “nothing is going to stop you”.

I will not be throttled back by my own beliefs of losing friends because of the language I use. Some of my most powerful beliefs are about offending people and not losing friends. I will not be held back because of this belief any longer.

I am re-framing that belief with the belief that by being myself, I will attract more people into my life who have the desire to create powerful change. I will resonate with more people and together we will show others that it can be done. That which you want is attainable if you believe it is and you’re willing to take action on it.

I am a good guy. I do not swear when I’m writing, but I certainly do when I’m speaking. To me the word has only the power I give it and it’s used for good. There are times when the use of that word can save your life or a loved ones. My commitment to you is this: I will only use the word where it gives power to the point I’m trying to make. In doing so, it has even more power because it’s not used routinely and without cause.

You can make a choice Dear Reader.

You can choose to respectfully disagree with my use of the word, honor my truth and receive the message, or you can choose to have the word shock you as you attach your beliefs to it and look past the message. In being open to others beliefs, honoring their truth, you gain more friends, receive more information and positions on the subject and become more loving as you accept others as they accept you.

I respect your beliefs and your truth, all I ask is that you allow and respect mine.

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