Unstoppable Fat Loss Interview Series

Scott Tousignant, also know as the Fit Bastard interviewed me for an hour as part of his . I’ve been listening to the other interviews when I go for my walks, as part of the .

Unstoppable Fat Loss is a series of interviews with 21 Fat Loss Experts and Inspiring Fat Loss Achievers.

I’ve been listening to them, and they’re inspiring me too!

Unstoppable Fat Loss includes interviews from: Tom Venuto, Jon Benson, Dax Moy, Dr Joe Vitale, Donna Krech, Clarke Bartram, Jim Katsoulis, Fran Harris, Shane James, Marna Goldstein, James Villepigue, Kevin Gianni, Scott York (Joe Vitale’s Trainer), Roxayn Daniels, Zack Even-Esh, Kyle Battis.

Now, I knew a few of those, but now I really now them. I know how they think, what they teach people about weight loss, fat loss and building your ultimate body. I know what inspires them and how they wake up every morning inspired to create their day.

Along with those 16 experts, 5 more with exceptional circumstances were included:
Jon Bartlet – went from being obese to being on the covers of many fitness magazines.

Rob Kottenbrock – Dropped 120 pounds using some very interesting weight loss methods

John Riccio – Born with Cerebral Palsy and was told he was never going to amount to anything, overcame that as well as 49 surgeries. He trains and nothing stops him… This interview alone begs the question “What the hell is stopping you?”

unstoppable fat loss Nino Savona

Nino Savona – you have to listen to believe it

  • Born 3 months premature. Nearly died. Told by doctors that he would never be able to be active or exercise. Told by fitness professionals that he may hurt himself if he works out…
  • But none of that held him back. Nino wouldn’t even let his speech impediment hold him back from sharing his powerful and inspirational message to help you achieve your dream body.
  • Nino is the definition of “UNSTOPPABLE”
  • How to work around your ‘so called’ limits.
  • How is deep faith drives him to succeed and achieve 3.5% body fat.

Nino has an amazing website which is very inspirational. You can visit his website at Nino’s Mission.
… and Myself – Rob Cooper who dropped 300 pounds and then put on over 50 pounds of lean muscle

There are a good number of people that I’m sure have a lot of excuses as to why they’re not doing something about their weight, their fitness level, their health etc. I’ve learned a lot from the new members of my weight loss forum as well. Lucie was over 450 pounds and has dropped nearly 100 pounds of it in 6 months. Carole was over 400 pounds and is now at 260, approaching her goal of being sub 200 pounds. She’s 64 years young and has 66 more pounds to go to reach her goal… and now Anthony from Florida, an IT Administrator starting his journey at 405 pounds, has decided to do something about his weight as well. Anthony is proud to declare “Let My New Life Begin” These people inspire me. They’re actively doing something about their health.

Unstoppable Fat Loss is a very motivational interview series. Each interview is an hour or nearly an hour, so perfect for listening to while out walking. There are VERY FEW things / programs that I personally recommend, but this is one of them. Listening to the interviews WILL make you Unstoppable!

Scott has given me permission to post a 4 minute audio clip of the interview he did with me, so here it is, in all it’s 4 minute glory!

Unstoppable Fat Loss is available for only $47. That’s only $2.25 per hour long interview. So, for less than the price of a coffee at your favorite locale, you can be inspired, educated and motivated by the industries best Fat Loss Experts. One single tip may be the thing that takes your physique to the next level… so is that not worth the $2.25 per interview investment?

Get your copy of Unstoppable Fat Loss and move one step closer to being Unstoppable!

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