One Serious Commitment To Weight Loss

This is the most incredible email I have ever gotten in my life. This is from a good friend of mine Angela Murray and shortly after receiving it, I realized she was not asking a question, but sending me her commitment to taking action on her goal. She clearly lists what she’s willing to do, she’s open to feedback and direction, stated what she knows and what she doesn’t know, has taken measurements and she’s journaling the entire process. This is what she sent me:

OK! Here is my weakness, holding myself accountable for working out, eating right and drinking water. I want to have a healthy hot body so bad, yet when ever I attempt to do something about it, I sluff off, de-commit. I just measured myself, WOW, this is my heaviest ever (other than pregnant phase)

one serious commitment to weight loss

Weight: 132 lbs

Neck: 13″
Upper left arm: 10.5
Upper right arm: 10.75
Bust: 33.25
Diaphragm: 29.5
Waist: 36
Abdomen: 36
Buttocks: 37.5
upper Left thigh: 21.5
Upper Right thigh: 22
Calf left: 12.75
Calf right: 12.75
Upper knee left: 15.5
Upper knee right: 15.5

I understand that not all my inches will decrease as I build muscle, I feel my legs are in pretty good shape, I want to build more muscle mass.

I am COMMITTING to Mon,Wed, Fri to weight work out, Tues, Thurs, Sat to walking, cardio.

I am increasing my protein, decreasing my carbs, drinking more water. I will journal my daily activity and food each night before I go to sleep.

I will be kind to myself, love myself and enjoy this journey.

I have no “measurable” goal to reach as I have very little idea what is healthy, I would love to be 118 lbs but have no idea how much muscle that is or body % of fat.

All I know is I want more energy, to look fucking Fabulous, feel good inside and hot and be healthy about my choices.

I am open to suggestions, tips, feedback and any other offers you have!

I respect you and trust you and I know we can depend on each other for kicks in the ass or celebrating words.

I realize it is one more thing on your plate, as it is on mine, you don’t need to hold my hand every day, and feel free to say when you are busy and don’t have time to answer my question, just kick me with loving supportive words to keep me going.

Thank you Coop! I am totally ok with you saying No to this too, just so you know!

I am off to journal and get a good night sleep!

Nighty Night!

Ang and I crossing from California into Arizona

Ang is not overweight. However, she wants to be even better looking than she is now. Her goal is, “Wants more energy, to look fucking fabulous, feel good inside and [look] hot [er]”. Ang is a single mother of 2 amazing boys. She works from home as an or Specialist. She and I worked with for a number of years and she knows how to successfully run an event. This picture is of Ang and myself during one weekend between in California during the summer of 2006. You can clearly see that she’s not overweight at all, and currently “Hot”.

She recently left Peak Potentials and works from home. She has booked off an hour every morning to go for her walk and has been doing that for a while now. We have talked about this a lot, and recently during a phone call, she came right out and asked the question : “What do I do to get rid of my abdominal fat“. She’s known me for years and has never asked.

There is so much power in asking that question. Any question. Find a role model and ask. Follow along, take direction, be open to new things and to changing your beliefs about what is possible. If someone has gone before you and accomplished that which you want to accomplish, find out how they did it and then model them!

My answer was simple. You can’t spot reduce. Your body will burn fat, under the right circumstances and hormonal conditions, from all areas of your body as it sees fit. I encouraged her to begin weight training to build more lean muscle and that was how our conversation ended.

Ang is a powerful manifestor. She is following the very simple rules from Harv Eker’s Wizard Camp:

1. Believe in Miracles – Have faith. Trust that miracles will come to you

2. Acknowledge Miracles – See and appreciate the miracles already happening for you and all around you. Know you are a miracle.

3. Create a Powerful Intention – Clear, on purpose and committed.

4. Ask – Ask the universe (angels, guides) for assistance

5. Live From Your Higher Self – Live in the present vs the past or future. Come from love vs fear, Joy vs obligation, and Purpose vs outcome.

6. Make Space – Release the old and make room for the new.

7. Let Go – Get out of the way. Don’t try and “figure” it out. Surrender to the universe. Let go of the “how” and the “form”

After our conversation, she simply decided to take action and commit to her plan. Ang has given me permission to post this email she sent me and will be journaling her results in the . She has committed to doing that once per week so others can follow along with her journey, participate in the conversation, offer support and encouragement or anything else you have to say.

I’ve asked Ang to marry me twice. She’s declined both times. My guess is that she knows that she just wouldn’t be able to handle me, at least that’s my take on it. She is one of my best friends. I trust her, I love her and I would do anything for her. In this case, she has changed my life by simply sending me such a committed plan of action.

My response was 4 words: I Believe In You.

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