Recipe: Spanish Omelette

Spanish Omelette’s were traditionally served with potato as the only filling (so say the Spanish restaurant), but they’ve also come to be known as Spanish omelette’s if they contain a lot of vegetables, jalepenos and tomatoes or Salsa. This is the Spanish omelette recipe with salsa.

spanish omelette recipe

Spanish Omelette Recipe

– 6 eggs whites
– 2 whole eggs
– chopped red and green pepper
– green onions
– 1 jalapeno pepper chopped and seeded
– sea salt and pepper to taste

– tofu cheese

Mix eggs, peppers, onions and seasonings together well. Mix until eggs are frothy. Cook in small to medium fry pan on low-med heat with the lid on. When egg is slightly cooked around the edges, lift one side and pour a ¼ cup of water underneath – replace lid. When eggs are mostly solid (don’t jiggle when pan is shaken) put tofu cheese on top of one half and fold omelet in half. Replace lid until cheese is melted and eggs are solid.

Serve for 1 or two people with fresh salsa on top.

Rob is the which does very well with eggs, so this has a lot of eggs in it. He says this recipe has half the amount of eggs in it, but whatever. do very well with red meat, bison and eggs so a steak and eggs breakfast is perfect.

If desired, serve with chopped cooked chicken breast or steak on the side. Again, Rob’s modification.

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Spanish Omelette Recipe Photo Credit: Her View Photography

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