Heart Rate Monitor Review

It was my 30th (yes I said 30th) birthday and I was sitting on the couch opening my birthday gift from my husband.

The card said, “Wear this when you’re near me so I can see your heart race.”

Knowing my husband and how he knows me… I knew what was inside the package. It wasn’t diamonds or perfume or a box of chocolates. It was pink, made for a girl and something I could wear….

My very own, pink Women’s Polar F6 Heart Monitor. F6 Heart Monitor

I’m sure some women would equate this to getting a blender for their birthday but not this girl!

Let me tell you about my new cool gadget.

First things first. It was really easy to program all of my personal information into the watch (including the set-up for your “own-zone”). And this is coming from me. Someone who’d rather have their toys pre assembled and ready to go straight out of the box.

My watch sends me personal messages detailing how many minute of exercise were preformed as well as how many calories burned.

It talks (beeps) to me when my heart rate starts to climb. The monitor communicates with all the cardio equipment at my gym too. So I can see my heart rate on the screen right in front of me as well as on my watch.

The instruction manual tells me I can go online and my watch will magically transfer my weekly exercise information to the Polar website. Seems like my watch does a lot of communicating…hope the hubby doesn’t think that means he’s off the hook!

Have I noticed a difference in my workout intensities? The answer is yes. Before my new watch I would get on my choice of cardio equipment and I had a preconceived idea of how fast I thought I could go. Now I pay more attention to what my body and my watch is telling me and not what I thought should be the speed.

So now when I wake up in the morning I have every thing I need to hit the right intensity levels and sweat like a girl!

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