So…you wanna sweat?

OH HI GUYS!!!!!!

A few days ago I offered up a , Edmonton, to someone who is ready to take action on their health and is ready to take action NOW!!

This is the gym that I play in all week and I can not express to you enough how much I LOVE IT!!!
The staff is amazing, the equipment is top of the line, and the atmosphere is incredible.
They now have two locations open in the city. Westmount and West Edmonton Mall. Both locations are 24 hour facilities and offer extras such as childcare, tanning, juice bar, and of course group classes.

Now, I have been wondering how to generate more interest with my original offer, but could not seem to close the deal.
The answer to this was delivered right to my door this morning…yep, handed right to me in a pretty envelope. There is no such thing as coincidence, something I am coming to terms with quickly…

Let’s sweeten up the deal, shall we….

I am now in possession of a gift certificate valued at $250.
This gift certificate can be redeemed towards any new regular one year, two year, or three year gym membership, tanning salon and kids club services.

The recipient must be a new member.
There was also a gift certificate for a full month of free childcare!!!!

golds3.jpg golds22.jpg

Ya, I almost fell of my chair.

Gold’s Gym, West Edmonton Mall is also having an open house on September 28, 2007 to celebrate their one year anniversary. The open house will be from 4:00pm till 8:00pm.

There will be pizza, snacks and door prizes throughout the open house. A program is available at the front desk and online at

The gym will be closed after 8pm that day for a party at Cowboys Night Club, but will reopen at 8am.
Something else to consider if you have been wanting to check out the facilities!!!!!!

I am giving this stuff away to someone who is ready to make a commitment to better themselves, and is ready RIGHT NOW!!!

How would this change your life? How would this affect your every day? What steps are you willing to take to get to your goals?

Interested? Lemme know!!


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