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The “Sugar Burner / Fast Burner / Glucogenic” Inner Biochemistry imbalance type

…I bet you didn’t know that a large majority of depression and substance abuse can be corrected by prescribing the perfect diet for that individual precisely.

…I bet you didn’t know inner-starvation-induced neurosis and psychosis cannot be differentiated clinically – from functional mental illnesses? Many mistakenly believe this to originate in much more complex psychological conflict, and trauma?

…How many people do you know who have low vitality, low sexual desire, can only make it through their day with lots and lots of sugar and caffeine – and chocolate?

…How many people do you know that are over weight or under weight for that matter, and have blood sugar problems, suffer from anxiety or depression, and chronic complainers?

…How many people would you like to restore to health for no other reason than to put a stop to their “incessant whining?”

Obviously these are the most “whined” about symptoms in the modern world…

The “Sugar Burner / Fast Burner / Glucogenic” Inner Biochemistry imbalance type is important because it means that you have poor glycemic control. Your blood and brain sugar tends to be very erratic. Your body does not produce energy from the foods you eat very efficiently. You have a particular difficulty handling starchy or sugary foods (by the way you utilize the sugars extremely fast. See more below)

The term by biochemical individuality was coined by a great biochemist, Dr Roger Williams. It is true Dr Williams has so elegantly asserted that metabolic biochemistry has infinite variations, that there can be no one diet that in inappropriate for everyone. Dr. Dean Ornish, MD recommends a low protein low fat low carb diet. Dr. Robert Atkins, MD recommends high protein, high fat, low carb diet. Barry Sears, PhD, recommends the Zone diet a more evenly spread more balanced diet of 40% carbohydrates, 30% proteins, and 30% fats. Robert Young, PhD, recommends a “Alkalarian” vegetarian diet very high in carbs…

As the old saying goes, one’s man food is another man’s poison. Now who’s wrong and who’s right?

So what is this mysterious Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalance explained?

Let use the analogy of an engine not firing on all cylinders… In a Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalanced patient the miss firing cylinders relate to FAT METABOLISM. So, it is a deficient oxidative energy metabolism. So, it means that this person needs a lot more protein and fat to functional normally. They burn their carbohydrates very quickly – and if they are not involved in some kind of a physical activity – they tend to increase they’re serum cholesterol level and triglycerides — body fat. Proteins and “good quality” fats slow down this process, so they allow energy to be generated in a slower and more even fashion.

Any and all protein foods are suitable for the Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalance, but they do best with darker meat, red meat, dark chicken, all the steaks, lamb and “oilier” fish, like salmon, sardines, herring, tuna, mackerel, etc.. These proteins are higher in an amino acid called “Purine”.

Wheat and all the products made from wheat are totally unsuitable for the Sugar Burners Inner Biochemistry imbalance, but they can still eat complex carbohydrates in the form of Spelt, Kamut, Quinoa, Millet and even Oats. Eggs are good – preferably free range organic eggs.

Now we have to look at the vegetables that work for this Inner Biochemistry imbalanced group of people…

All “night shade” family foods, including potatoes, tomatoes, egg plants, peppers and “cruciferous vegetables” like cabbage and the broccoli family should be minimized or avoided. There is only one exception in this food family, cauliflower.

Good veggies for this Inner Biochemistry imbalance are spinach, carrots, celery, asparagus, artichoke, avocado, winter squash, green beans, peas, mushrooms, more detailed list with a test result.

“Moderately ok” are leafy greens salads particularly with swiss chard, and Kale.

Fruits: less sweet fruit is what works best, like tart apples, firm bananas, firm pears, berries, especially blue berries… only small quantities of strawberries and raspberries. However, fruit is a very small part of what the Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalance diet; they can eat a maximum of 1 for weight loss, to 2 fruits servings a day.

Nuts and seeds are excellent for a Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalance.

Fats: cold pressed, extra virgin only olive and coconut oil. Real cow butter is the best kind of fat.


People with the Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalance need to eat often, and must snack in between meals.

Note: my “Point-and-Click Online” Bronze and Bronze Plus Tests often catch these imbalances. But my Silver test and Gold Premium test and Lifestyle are always very accurate in catching this.

Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, is a very serious condition that makes the patient become anxious, or depressed, or irritable – ie. “Very Bitchy” (either sex) – and they simply feel miserable.

When you’re urine PH goes over 7, you enter this hypoglycemic condition where your insulin is very strong and pulls your sugar out of your blood very quickly.

When this happens, you need to snack immediately on something like cottage cheese or 1/2 an apple with cheese or celery with nut butter or tuna or sardine or 1/2 an avocado or some nuts and seeds…Avoid eating “carbohydrates” as this will not sustain the energy.

These people who experience this Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalance have a hard time eating a vegetarian diet. It seems almost impossible to them because of the low “Purine” content in these foods.

Someone who is young and having a Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalance might seem like they are doing “ok” on a vegetarian diet – but after a while their energy and digestion will start to fail. By the way, even if they are not very young, and that person changes their diet wrongly to “vegetarian” if they have this Inner Biochemistry imbalance, they will only survive it for a short period of time—damaging their body in the process.

Why? Let’s go deeper…

The Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalanced patient has a qualitatively high concentration of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) in their blood stream, because of the predominant “carbohydrate” metabolism and their almost “non fat” metabolism…

…So that means that the blood PH is slightly more acid than it should be: which is at 7.46 only.

We should talk a little bit about blood PH:

-The PH scale runs from 0 to 14, “7” being called “neutral”.

-Any PH under 7 is acid, anything above 7 is alkaline.

-Blood PH must maintain at 7.46 PH to be at optimum.

Now, why does this concentration of CO2 change the PH?


When CO2 increases in the blood stream, the PH decreases, making the blood more acid, because of the increasing concentration of “Carbonic Acid” – so is this starting to make sense now?

We always think of CO2 as a poisonous toxin you breathe out. And we think of O2 (Oxygen) as “life giving gas”…. but the human body needs CO2 to perform many vital functions.

One of its roles is as a catalyst that allows oxygen to be released from the hemoglobin… freeing it up so it can be absorbed in the tissue cells.


In your brain, heart, kidney tissue cells. In fact, your tissues themselves require approximately 3 times as much CO2 as they require Oxygen (O2). When this ratio is not correct, we have very hard time absorbing oxygen at the tissue level…causing the blood vessels to be “more relaxed” causing excessive build-up of fluid (edema) causing sometimes intra- and sometimes inter-cellular waste products to be ineffectively eliminated, and diminishing internal energy production, in the “Krebs cycle”.

People experiencing the Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalance usually tend to have a lower diastolic blood pressure because of certain adrenal and renal (Kidney) endocrine weakness. Their pulse is usually a bit higher than normal… This is due to the stress hormone “Catecholamine”, plus their reduced capacity of oxygen transport. In other words – they are functionally anemic .

In a Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalance patient, there is extreme insulin sensitivity. Sugar is very quickly pulled out of the blood stream to either be stored as fat, or pushed through the “Krebs citric cycle” to produce energy. (We will talk more about the Krebs cycle in a later article…) Unless these patients have the capacity for a strong sympathetic compensation, they will consequently run extremely low blood and brain sugar. These patients can literally experience extreme physical, mental, and emotional hypo-glycemic symptomatologies.

What is interesting is that they might show “Ketones” in their urine. (Fat Burner/Ketogenic Inner Biochemistry imbalanced patients I find regularly have Ketones in their urine. That’s where the name “Fat Burner/Ketogenic Inner Biochemistry imbalance” comes from. This will be the topic of our next article…)

Carbohydrates Are Not Bad – Just Bad For Sugar Burners When Eaten Alone

The patient with a Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalance tend to be overly “Carbs”-dependent, for what little energy they can produce, and they tend to run a low blood sugar very quickly. They constantly feel compelled to reach for the “carb” foods that are bad for them – perpetuating this cycle! Again, “Carbs” are not bad, they are bad for Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalances when eaten alone…

It doesn’t take much for the blood sugar to drop low enough that they struggle to inefficiently produce what energy they can from fats – from the few fats that they feel inclined to eat, and from the stored fats. Thus going into “Ketosis”.

These individuals will show “Ketosis” only when in “post absorptive” state – when they have not eaten for many hours, or when they eat predominantly “Carbs” – which they oxidize or store as fat very quickly. They then usually have low body temperature. If “Bilirubin” is present in urine, you know for sure that person’s diet is too low in proteins and saturated fat, or too high in starches.

How To Determine The Ideal Amount Of Protein You Should Eat In a Day?

Take your ideal weight in pounds and divide it by 15.

…This results in the ounces of cooked lean protein that you should eat.

Now sure… if you’re a body builder, you can use a lot more protein…


Lets say if your ideal body weight (for your height and gender) should be 135 pounds, divide 135/15 = 9 oz of cooked lean protein per day divided evenly through 3-5 meals per day. If you are more active, you could definitely utilize more.

Remember one of my initial points? “I bet you didn’t know that inner-starvation induced neurosis and psychosis cannot be differentiated clinically from functional mental illnesses, which many believe to originate in psychological conflict and trauma.” Abnormally fast oxidation of glucose both in the central nervous system, and in other tissues of the body, results in abnormal psychological reactions.


It has long been known that a deficiency of a single vitamin -nicotinic acid- can cause psychosis – and that this illness can be cured by administering its “amide” ie. “Niacin amide”.

If a Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalanced patient is anemic they will respond to an increase of protein and Vitamin B12.

In a Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalanced patient, the problem relates to fat metabolism. In a Fat Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalanced patient (again, this will be covered in the next article) the problem relates to carbohydrate metabolism. So Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalanced and Fat Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalanced patients both have deficient oxidative energy metabolisms… if both of them have problems producing energy internally, then the end products of energy production should be decreased (ie. found in very minimal quantities.)

What is the end product of energy production? CO2.

So both Fat Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalances and Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalances, being low in energy production, tend to have low CO2 levels.

Now Fat Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalances are low in CO2, both quantitatively and qualitatively, meaning they are qualitatively low because they are deficient in carbohydrate metabolism (which produces CO2 as a major end product) and quantitatively low because they inefficiently produce energy from the foods they eat.

Now Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalances, like the Fat Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalances, have quantitatively low CO2 because of their inadequate energy production cycle, but they have qualitatively high CO2 because of their predominantly carbohydrate metabolism, and very poor fat metabolism.

Sugar Burners MUST Exercise

Let me explain why it’s very important for a Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalanced patient to exercise. The volume of CO2 expired during normal exhalation is directly related to “partial pressure” of CO2 in the alveolar air (at the cellular level in the lungs). Since blood volume of dissolved CO2 + H2CO3 (Carbonic acid) is in equilibrium with partial CO2 of the alveolar air, the higher the level of CO2 plus “Carbonic acid” the larger the percentage of carbohydrates being oxidized.

This “partial pressure” of CO2 is influenced by 2 things… the blood flow rate, and the metabolism rate. Increasing the blood flow rate, or decreasing the metabolic rate – will have the effect, for a short period of time, of decreasing the “partial pressure” of CO2 in the interstitial fluids. Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalances already have quantitatively decreased metabolically produced CO2. So increased blood flow as physical activity occurs will temporarily further decrease this already-low “partial pressure” of CO2… If you can get these patients to do some strenuous-enough activity, long enough, to increase CO2 levels – they will get a double shot of vitality – thus the increase of CO2 levels short term is the immediate effect of exercise.

Adding a regular exercise program increasing CO2 long term – increases the patient’s metabolic rate, meaning the “partial pressure” of CO2 increases, meaning they feel better.

A Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalance patient needs both aerobic and anaerobic exercise to increase their metabolic efficiency of fat metabolism.

More on “Protein Intake”

When talking about proteins, the required quantity of protein consumed on a daily basis by most Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalanced people, most of the time, I find is not more than what the majority of people already consume, but their problem is that they tend to consume 80% of that protein at 1 meal, instead of divided equally among 3-5 meals. This means, that having an 8-10 oz steak in one sitting is hurting you, regardless of your Inner Biochemistry imbalance(s). Instead, you might want to seriously consider having 3 oz of protein at each of you 3-5 daily meals (meaning cutting that steak into pieces through out the day.)

Sugar Burners And Weight Loss

If weight loss is a major consideration for a Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalanced patient they may decrease the “carbs” to 0 and add as much protein and saturated fat as they can or love to eat. They can eat the veggies mentioned above as much as they want, and if weight loss is not the primary goal, they need to totally avoid cereals, pasta, potatoes and bread, they simply must rearrange the proportioning of their diet to emphasize more protein and fat and fewer carbs.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of protein and yes fat, in a Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalanced diet.

When a Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalance eats disproportionately high “Carb” to “Protein-and-fat” levels, their gall bladder will get into trouble—that’s right, the gall bladder!

So it is always ironic from my Inner Biochemistry perspective that nutritionists will always promote “high carb, low fat and low protein” diets for gall bladder issues.

Here are the results of an experiment conducted on this exact wrong kind of diet:

38 women were put on a low protein, ultra low fat and high carb diet. 2 things were concluded:
1. How little weight woman lost in 8 weeks and
2. 13 out of 38 women developed gall bladder problems in 8 weeks, this is shocking.

The purpose of the gall bladder is to assist the digestion and the simulation of fat. When the gall bladder is over loaded with excess fat, particularly “trans fats”, you are more likely to develop a gall bladder problem. The gall bladder is in your body to help digest fats, but the functioning of the gall bladder depends on normal metabolism for proper operation. The excess starch in some “high carb” diets among Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalances interferes with normal gall bladder functioning, and it is associated with fatty deposits in the liver, meaning your doctor tell you you have a “fatty liver” – that is the subject of a future article.

One final consideration is the elevated serum cholesterol, and this is due to poor utilization of fats associated with excess dependence on glucose for energy. A medical doctor or an allopathic nutritionist would then put you on low fat foods, and make you avoid dietary cholesterol (eggs, steak, burgers, cheese – see my future article on “Redefining Cholesterol”)

…Unfortunately, nothing could damage Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalanced people more than having them on a low fat diet.

The reality is, on a scientific basis, we need to remove the sugar in their diet, to help them drop cholesterol, which is a sign if internal inflammation, which means deeper health problems than meet the eye. (More in a forth-coming article)

Foods that Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalances should strictly avoid

…Sugars, fruit juices, fresh fruit (extremely limited quantities), meals consisting of starches, coffee, tea…

Foods that Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalances should only combine with proteins are:

…Onions, peppers, tomatoes… see a more specific list for your highly individualized Inner Biochemistry with my POINT-AND-CLICK ONLINE TESTS.


A partial list of General Supplements that will help a glucongenic are: Vitamin B3 in Niacinimide for only, B12, E, Choline, Inositol, Carnitine, A in Palmitate form only, zinc, iodine, calcium , phosphorus, and bioflavonoids, etc. …see a more specific list for your highly individualized Inner Biochemistry with my POINT-AND-CLICK ONLINE TESTS.


…Vitamin B6, B3 in Niacin form, Vitamin C in Ascorbate acid form, B5, folic acid, magnesium, chromium, manganese, etc. …see a more specific list for your highly individualized Inner Biochemistry with my POINT-AND-CLICK ONLINE TESTS.

It is very important to know how to supplement so you don’t exacerbate your Inner Biochemistry imbalance(s).

From looking specifically at how a person gains weight, you can make some “distant” guesses… because Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalanced people will usually gain weight below the waist, as much as above the waist. Otherwise known as the “Apple shape”.

On the other hand, I have Inner Biochemistry lab tests that will precisely determine if someone has just a Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalance, or has a strong predisposition to a Sugar Burning Inner Biochemistry imbalance. A good start is with Bronze and Bronze Plus tests which can often determine this imbalance, but only Silver tests will accurately determine this particular Inner Biochemistry imbalance (and we can make accurate supplement determinations only then) and the Gold Premium test also incorporates it, together with all 5 of the other Inner Biochemistry imbalances being fully identified.

Also ensure to read the next articles for the full coverage of all 5 imbalances.

So what is this mysterious Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalance? I hope you now have a clear understanding (please reread this article as many times as you need…) as this has been a major stumbling block for many millions of people around the world when it comes to weight loss…

I hope you have found this article on SUGAR BURNERS informative!

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