3 Weight Loss Tips – Improve Digestion

3 weight loss tips for today’s edition of 3 Tips Friday. 3 tips you can take action on right here and right now and get a 3 day jump on your buddy who always says “I’ll start on Monday”. This edition of the weight loss tips is about how to improve digestion for weight loss.

Digestion of food is the most energy consuming thing your body does. It’s the same reason you hear your mom say “wait one hour after eating before swimming”. It’s not because you’ll get cramps, it’s because your body has sent so much blood to your stomach to do the work of digestion that you will have less energy for swimming.

Let me ask you this: If you don’t get the nutrition out of the food you’re eating, why are you eating it? That’s the whole point isn’t it? Making a few simple changes to how you eat, you can then assimilate all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fats, enzymes and protein of which your body is built.

Chew Each Bite Of Food At Least 30 Times – Digestion starts in the mouth. It’s where the breakdown of the food first occurs. Our saliva mixes with our food during the chewing process, but only if you keep it in your mouth for awhile. If you make an effort to slow down and chew each bite of food at least 30 times, you not only take a great deal of effort off the stomach in breaking down the food, you also mix the food with your saliva, further enhancing the digestion process.

Remember, digestion of food is the most energy consuming thing your body does. Help out your stomach by chewing your food, turning it into a mush with your teeth and mixing it with your saliva. Improve your digestion, release more energy, get more nutrition out of your food and you may find that you drop a few pounds and feel better. Do this for 21 days, anchor the habit and record your results.

Eat Your Meal Slowly – By simply slowing down, your stomach has time to tell your brain that it’s full. You don’t have to finish all the food on your plate either. When you’re full, you’re full.

improve digestion in the stomachNever Eat To Capacity – Have you ever seen a picture of your stomach? Your stomach is a muscle that churns your food along with the digestive juices it cranks out. Your stomach needs room for this churning to take place and if it’s full to capacity, proper digestion wont take place. Remember, digestion is very energy consuming. The energy you save could better be put to cleaning your body, burning fat or for workouts at the gym.

Think of your stomach in thirds. One third food, one third liquid and one third empty for the digestion process. You’ll be much better off, be able to digest your food completely and get full nutritional value from it if it’s completely digested. Oh, and all that farting? That is partly due to undigested food being broken down in your colon. Digest your food completely and you may notice that you reduce your bloating and farting (oh, excuse me.. I meant flatulence). Do this for 21 days to create the new habit and anchor it. Record the results.

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