Introducing My Homeopathic Physcian – :Kristine :Earl

I’ve made use of a homeopath (or naturopath) for a couple of years now and it made such an impact in my life that I wanted to share it with you. I have been following a natural diet, using Sunrider whole foods and other supplements and just wanted to know what my inner biochemistry was like. I made it my intention to find a great naturopath and was blessed to be introduced to :Kristine and :Michael :Earl in 2004. A full 1 hour long interview I did with her is available at the end of this post.

I don’t believe in accidents. My tagline and personal motto has always been

… anything is possible and nothing happens by accident …


homeopathic physician

It was through a very interesting series of events that led me to :Kristine which I will write about in another post, but for the time being, just wanted to have you the reader understand that she is probably the most important person you will ever meet when it comes to your health.

:Kristine is a multi disciplined homeopathic physician.

Enough so that we’re calling her an Ultra Homeopathic Physician.

Her deep and detailed knowledge about the human body, the inner biochemistry and even the impact that your living arrangements make on your health are not to be under estimated!

I could write forever and still not explain what she’s all about, so I did this 1 hour long interview with her and her husband :Michael as a way of introducing her, what she does and how she plays a role in this blog.

I’ve told people for years that the results you get in your weight loss program depend on what sort of inner biochemistry you have, and that if you’re not getting results, you’d have to find out if you’re a Sugar Burner or a Fat burner and then eat according to that metabolic type.

It’s your metabolic type that determines how you should eat and whether or not you’re getting your weight loss results.

Well, it’s more than just that.

It’s your inner biochemistry that affects your sleep, your mood, your ability to burn fat or store fat, your level of pain and even the ability to gain the kind of muscle you want to look your best.

Guys: Listen Up

I train in the gym in order to build muscle. I’m a dedicated lifter and I eat and train to build maximum muscle in minimum time. What if I told you that it was things that I learned from :Kristine that allowed me the hormonal advantage to not only put on muscle, gain weight, but also to keep it? Everything that I do, everything that I eat, and all the little tricks that I’ve learned over the years, I’ve put in place because it’s muscle that looks good, keeps you strong, keeps you healthy, burns more fat, and keeps you pain free (if you’re training properly). I went to :Kristine because I wanted to improve my inner biochemistry to do all these things in a more efficient and effective manor.

and now you can too…

:Kristine has an exclusive writing agreement with this Former Fat Guy Blog, where she will be pouring out all her knowledge on how your body works and what you need to know to make educated decisions in your health.

:Kristine, The Inner Biochemist, Along with her husband :Michael who will interpret her science and present you with the simple version, will give you the reader of this blog all the information you’d ever need so that you can eat for your metabolic type, eat for your inner biochemistry and finally put an end to your searching.

Here is a one hour long interview I did with :Kristine and :Michael :Earl along with all the links that they share. Visit the links after or as you’re listening to the interview. They will open in a new window so that you may continue to listen while you’re reading.


You’ll hear :Kristine and :Michaels son Neo interact in the conversation as well. This is a real couple being interviewed from their home, and just like any child, wanted some attention of his own.

Stop experimenting with various supplements and weight loss programs, find out what is going to work for you right here, and right now. Stop wasting your money and your valuable time, get the answers and get the job done.

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