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I’ll bet you didn’t know!

…I bet you didn’t know vitamin C causes destruction of proteins in your body, which will accelerate the aging process?

..I bet you didn’t know that vitamin C will cause formation of the toxic chemical pentosadine, a marker for premature aging and the tissue destruction?

…I bet you didn’t know that vitamin C depletes your body of many minerals and trace mineral nutrients? In order to eliminate vitamin C from your body you need to chelate every excess molecule of vitamin C with calcium, magnesium, zinc, or other minerals and trace minerals – and that’s the only way the kidneys can dump vitamin C!

The Inner Biochemistry of Vitamin C

…I bet you didn’t know that vitamin C will actually cause high cholesterol in certain cases?

…I bet you didn’t know that the “antioxidant” vitamin C actually decreases the activity of ceruloplasmin, one of your body’s most important antioxidants.

…I bet you didn’t know that vitamin C will convert the mineral iron to a form that damages the blood vessels, and leads to hardening of arteries and heart blockage?

…I bet you didn’t know some people will go into hypoglycemic crises from vitamin C, and in certain cases it can push a diabetic into ketoacidosis…

Are you beginning to get a little nervous about vitamin C or about the propaganda of vitamin C?

Yes vitamin C is very useful and wonderful when you need it and in the right form and quantity.

My name is :Kristine:Earl:, The Inner Biochemist – I am also the Ultrahomeopathic physician. I am now writing exclusively for this blog and I will be here to hold you by the hand, and teach you the right way to use Vit C, and your entire Inner Biochemistry(TM) – to your advantage.

I’ll bet you wonder why your diet doesn’t work for you? For the next few years I’ll be holding you by the hand and guiding you through how to pick the right diet for your Inner Biochemistry.

… I bet you didn’t know why no one specific diet or one specific supplement got you the results in your weight loss that you were looking for.

Fat Burner Vs Sugar Burner

You hear that a friend of a friend lost 50 pounds on the Atkins diet and supplemented with XYZ product. …So you get started on exactly the same plan, and you fail miserably, what was the problem?

Well, we are very unique individuals that have different Inner Biochemistries(TM) – following different metabolic types and principles. Let me explain: we have what we call fat burners and sugar burners. This defines how you oxidize your food and make your energy. Then we have the autonomic types, which fall into 2 categories: Sympathetic and parasympathetic. This defines how your nervous system functions.

We have electrolyte stress or insufficiency – which defines the electrolyte mixture running through your blood vessels. Electrolytes are minerals that when suspended in the conducting solutions of our bodily fluids carry an electrical charge. Sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium – all function as electrolytes. They are vital for almost all tissue and cell function.

Electrolyte stress is equivalent to clumping, or lack of dispersion.

Electrolyte insufficiency occurs when there are not enough electrolytes in the body fluids to perform your Inner Biochemistry functions.

Anabolic AND Catabolic imbalances show me how at the -cellular level- your Inner Biochemistry is processing fats, and how you build membrane at the cellular level.

Anabolic imbalance means an excess build-up of sterol chains which makes your cells too rigid, so they can’t properly “breathe”.

Catabolic imbalance means a build-up of fatty acid chains resulting in “leaky” cell membranes.

Acidosis and Alkalosis imbalances: show the ph level of your blood – ie. of your whole system. This is impossible to measure directly, because the second blood hits oxygen, its ph changes. So I use special tests to calculate your true blood ph….And it has nothing to do with urine and saliva ph!

I find all the imbalances with our Sugar Burner vs Fat Burner Biochemistry Test.

…Now with so many variables just on the Inner Biochemistry types, how are you supposed to untangle yourself -and your Inner Biochemistry- in the amazing jungle of supplements and diets available?

There simply is no diet that is right for everyone.

Eating for your Inner Biochemistry imbalance – is absolutely imperative for managing your weight – especially long term.

Most diets are correct – for that author’s particular Inner Biochemistry imbalance! That’s why it worked for him or her!

Approximately 60% of overweight individuals will start to see their weight correct itself, simply by adjusting their diet for their Inner Biochemistry imbalance. However eating biochemically correct is not always sufficient, there are other complicating factors such as insulin resistance, estrogen dominance, hypothyroidism, adrenal deficiency, stress, various pathologies, and various medications.

Insulin resistance is the main reason for weight gain – particularly in the middle years, but increasingly appearing in young people. All the other factors have a huge effect on weight – and we’ll explore our possibilities in future articles.

Now let’s talk about supplements…

Herbal, Vitamin/Mineral or “Pharmaceutical Supplements”

Some can be quite effective – and some are useless – and even harmful.

Everybody these days seemed to be taking some sort of supplement either herbal, mineral, homeopathic, vitamins, or pharmaceutical.

Pottinger discovered in 1930 that some supplements would have opposite effects in the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the nervous system. A substance that stimulates one will inhibit the other! It’s the same with foods… a food that is acid in a certain type of Inner Biochemistry imbalance – will be alkaline in a different Inner Biochemistry imbalance. So there is no such thing as real “acid foods” and “alkaline foods” – even though on the market you can buy at least 20 books on “how to make your body more alkaline!” And I get communications from different companies all the time trying to sell me products that “make me more alkaline”. This whole idea is another myth – there is no substantive research behind it – we will discuss this whole area in a future article. Be warned, I will really open your eyes!

For example:

  • Did you know that… depending on YOUR Inner Biochemistry – meat can be alkalizing?
  • Did you know that depending on YOUR Inner Biochemistry – the “evil” wheat can be alkalizing – and very nourishing?
  • Did you know that depending on YOUR Inner Biochemistry – “the healthy” spinach can be very hurtful to you?

Let’s take another example – Calcium. Because “Everybody knows about calcium” right?!

Calcium is alkaline forming in the INNER BIOCHEMISTRY IMBALANCES – the oxidative imbalances – ketogenic and glucogenics. Calcium is acid forming in the autonomic INNER BIOCHEMISTRY imbalances – sympathetic and parasympathetics. So what that means is that a ketogenic INNER BIOCHEMISTRY IMBALANCE will be hurt by calcium, because he’s already running on very alkaline blood, but the glucogenic who has a very acid blood, will feel great. A parasympathetic who has an alkaline blood already will became more acid and the sympathetic will become even more acid – even though he’s already running on acid blood. So a parasympathetic Inner Biochemistry will feel great and a sympathetic Inner Biochemistry will be even more “on edge”.

“But wait a minute!” you might think – everybody needs calcium to build up healthy bones! While indeed everybody needs calcium, some get it from food directly (green leafy vegetables, dairy, and other whole foods.) Others need to supplement it.

On the calcium idea, let’s continue. I work with 10 different types of calcium that are individually precision-tracked – and given to you according to your Inner Biochemistry. Why do you think there are so many types of calcium? Who would have known? Everyone thinks “Calcium is Calcium” or “Everybody needs Coral Calcium”. That public myth couldn’t be more wrong: There is ascorbate, citrate, carbonate, lactate, aspartate, chelate, orotate, coral, and more… Which calcium does your body need – today? Which one are you going to buy? “The one that is on sale?” NO! Only the one that works for you… or your are hurting your Inner Biochemistry? How is your body then supposed to help you with weight loss?

But-how are you going to find which specific calcium works for you – today?

Now if we continue the same with magnesium, with manganese, with vitamins B1, B2, B3… B17, C, D, E, K… you’ll understand why it is very important – imperative – to get Inner Biochemistry help.

This is the first of a series of articles where we will be spotlighting a special diet that will help correct each type of imbalance.

I will also cover a general list of biochemical substances that will work to correct each specific type of imbalance. These being very specific vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and amino acids.

I hope you have found this article on VITAMIN C, CALCIUM, AND MUCH MORE informative!

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