Fox News Will Tell You What They Want To Tell You

What happens when Fox news does an investigative report on the huge corporation Monsanto and it’s bioengineered hormone recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone? The reporters find the truth, Fox gets pressured by Monsanto, the reporters get threatened, bribed and then fired and the story airs with over 83 edits done by Fox news staff and their legal advisers.

Monsanto and recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone

Monsanto manufacturers a genetically engineered hormone called recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone which has created controversy since it’s introduction a few years ago. This bioengineered hormone, similar but not identical to a hormone naturally produced by the cow, forces the cow to produce more milk than their bodies naturally would. More milk, more profits for the farmers. With this extra milk comes more pain for the animal because their udders become swollen, sometimes so much so that they drag on the ground. Other side effects include a raise in the pus levels and antibiotic residues.

Fox News Reporters Threatened, Bribed and then Fired

After being told to keep their mouths shut about the truth, threatened, bribed and then fired, the Former Fox News reporters sued under Florida’s whistler blower statute. Judges on the case found that falsifying news isn’t actually against the law.

The story never aired the way it was prepared

[youtube trWcqxrQgcc nolink]

What is so obvious from this little incident, beyond the issues with dairy products, bioengineered hormones, big corporations like Monsanto and many other issues is that single fact that one person (Rupert Murdoch) can own so many television stations and manufacture the news.

Get Rid Of Your Television

It’s my belief that getting rid of your television is the single best move you can make. Keep the TV, but get rid of the cable. Rent movies and make a conscious choice about what you’re going to watch rather than being bombarded by what CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC or anyone else wants to tell you.

Realize that whatever is put on the television can be designed to sway you in any direction, whether it be food choices, health choices (unnecessary vaccinations are a good example) or even politics.

Wake up people!

From the video:

  • most of the milk in Florida and most of the country is adulterated with the effect of bovine growth hormone, the artificial hormone that farmers are injecting into their cows so that they can get more milk.
  • The Federal government rubber stamped it before they put it on the marketplace
  • The longest test they did on recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone for human toxicity was 90 days which they did on 30 rats
  • The scientists at health Canada did their own tests and came to different conclusions. They saw serious potential health problems and stood up and said “we’re not going to approve this for Canada because we don’t feel that it’s safe
  • This special investigative report prepared by Fox news was eventually shelved due to pressure by Monsanto’s lawyers.
  • Investigative reporters were threatened and bribed by Fox news to keep quiet.
  • Roundup, aspartame, nutrasweet and other products are manufactured by Monsanto.
  • Fox requested that the reporters make changes to the report. In fact, they said “write it the way the lawyers want it written”.
  • We’ll tell YOU what the news is. The news is what we SAY it is
  • After all was said and done, the reporters were fired. They sued Fox under Florida’s whistle blowers statute which protects those who try to prevent others from breaking the law. Her appeal court judges found that falsifying news isn’t actually against the law

News isn’t news anymore. News is just what we’re being told. It’s what they want us to hear. If you tell us something enough times, we begin to believe it.

Don’t Believe Anything I Say

As with anything I publish, anywhere on my websites, I always say this: “don’t believe anything I say – just do your own research and come to your own conclusions”. What I write is from my own experience. I will also say that I love opinions, honor and respect them as I ask you to do the same of me. Leave any and all comments about Monsanto, dairy products, bovine growth hormone, vegetarianism, meat eating, big pharma, healthcare or whatever you like below in the comments.

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