Aspartame Poisoning?

Could aspartame be responsible for multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, fibromyalgia or other neurological disorders? Cori Brackett is a MS Survivor, activist and film maker who put together the documentary “Sweet Misery” which you will see below in which she interviews many doctors and aspartame survivors.

Cori was in the process of doing research for a movie when she began to experience a tingling in her hands and feet. At the time, she was unaware of any controversy surrounding artificial sweeteners and had been a heavy consumer of diet soda. She learned of the connection between diet soda, aspartame and many diseases and quit drinking them. The tingling continued, so she saw a doctor who informed her that she had Multiple Sclerosis.

Her search for answers about aspartame poisoning led her across the country. After 7000 miles, and 25 hours of footage, “Sweet Misery” reveals one of the most pervasive, insidious forms of corporate negligence in the history of the industrial revolution.

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Dr Janet Hull, creator of the Aspartame Detox Program says “The dangers of aspartame poisoning have been a well guarded secret since the 1980s. The research and history of aspartame is conclusive as a cause of illness and toxic reactions in the human body. Aspartame is a dangerous chemical food additive, and its use during pregnancy and by children is one of the greatest modern tragedies of all.”

Dr. Woodrow C. Monte wrote:

Methanol [one of the breakdown products of aspartame] has no therapeutic properties and is considered only as a toxicant. The ingestion of two teaspoons is considered lethal in humans

Monte, Woodrow, “Aspartame: Methanol and the Public Health”, Journal of Applied Nutrition, Vol. 36, Number 1, 1984, p. 44

Critical Symptoms of Aspartame Toxicity

  • death
  • irreversible brain damage
  • birth defects, including mental retardation
  • peptic ulcers
  • aspartame addiction and increased craving for sweets
  • hyperactivity in children
  • severe depression
  • aggressive behavior
  • suicidal tendencies

If you think that you might be suffering from Aspartame related illness and want to learn more, have a look at Dr Hull’s Aspartame Detoxification program. There are more than just the critical symptoms of aspartame poisoning, there are many other aspartame side effects. Please be aware of the signs and stop drinking / consuming diet products immediately.

Cori Brackett has now created a sequel to Sweet Misery, a new documentary entitled Sweet Remedy.

Sweet Remedy

Sweet Remedy: The World Reacts” is a documentary of personal, legal and political struggles in the face of an adulterated food supply. In “Sweet Misery”, Cori Brackett surmises, ” the institutions designed to protect our food supply have failed us.”

What’s next? “Sweet Remedy” is a candid look at people across the country working to improve our food supply and to heal and detoxify those already poisoned. In it she asks the important question “how can a healthy society prevail when the food supply can no longer be trusted?”

Great question

Find out more about Sweet Misery and Sweet Remedy

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