Fear Of Halloween Night

You remember the fun you had Halloween night? Lots of tricks and treats but many of us are still suffering from a scare they got. Oh, princesses and Jedi are warm and fuzzy, but witch costumes, Dracula and ghosts conjure up scarier things and can leave your traumatized when you are young and vulnerable. Fear of Halloween night is a real fear. When as a grown man or woman you freak out if you see a spider, a mouse, a bird or moth and it sends you screaming like a little kid and when it’s all over you feel so foolish but at the time it’s as real as if those little creatures are 10 feet tall and will truly do major harm to you.

Fear Of Spiders, Ghosts or Spirits

fear of halloween night
We call them Halloween Spooks. Were you ever afraid of them, is there still some lingering fear of spiders, ghosts, spirits or things that go bump in the night (or day)?

We find there are spiders and moths in many areas of our lives, some are just bigger and cause a greater disruption in our energy system than others.

Many people know how to get rid of fears and trauma’s with Emotional Freedom Technique but I encourage you to find out for yourself if there is some residue left from Halloween ghosts.

Disruptions in our energy system come back to haunt us later in our lives, know the feeling? There has to be a reason why our lives just aren’t working better than they are, why we are not financially where we thought we would be, why we are not as happy with the relationship we are in like we used to be, why there is so much stress in our lives…… is there some old ghosts coming back to give us some grief that we could certainly do without?

Emotional Freedom Technique To The Rescue

EFT helps us dig the skeletons out of the closet, deal with them and put them to rest in a much more painless and easy way than anything in the past.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a powerful technique that combines Eastern and Western healing, it’s referred to as Emotional Acupuncture in that it works on the disrupted energy meridians, that aren’t flowing normally, that run through our bodies and using tapping with our fingers instead of needles to smooth the disruption out. Those haunting memories and fear of Halloween night stay in our cells and come to revisit us at the most inopportune times but now that we know about Emotional Freedom Technique we can release those fears and traumas forever and get back to flow.