Happy Halloween 2007

It’s Halloween night again here in North America. Naturally this holiday brings up thoughts of costumes and candy, but what about the environmental impact? The writers of this blog have been hard at work providing environmentally friendly tips, Halloween pumpkin recipes, Naughty costumes and a way to remove any fears that originated with your first scary experience many years ago.
Scott Bird, from Australia is passionate about the environment and posts something environmental related each Sunday. His Halloween contribution is about . Scott also writes about food and cooking and his newest project is on worm farms. He’s hard at work, writing a book about building a worm farm from start to finish. Expect that soon

With all the Halloween pumpkins available for carving, Darlene and I thought, “why not come up with some recipes and cook them?”. So we did just that.

Halloween Recipes

This is Darlene’s Pumpkin Apple Curry

halloween pumpkin recipe spiced pumpkin apple curry

Darlene and I release a new whole food recipe each Saturday and we’ve still got two more recipes yet to post, one of which we made just this morning, a pumpkin pancake recipe and the other a pumpkin and butternut squash soup. The soup is yummy.

I first asked Michele if it was possibly pets that she was passionate about, but she told me in no uncertain terms that it was in fact relationships.

Michele has been contributing some great articles on the subject including a article to spice up your bedroom. Great any time of the year.

My buddy Scott Tousignant, author of and e-books contributed a video that makes use of the Halloween decorations you might have around your house. Proof that you can make use of anything handy to get in a workout.

Halloween Fear

Yes, it’s real. I remember as a kid seeing some pretty scary shit out there on the streets and at such a young age, can wreak havoc on our little, impressionable brains.

What if scary experiences from our childhood Halloween nights have now caused us fear of other things? And more importantly, how can we get rid of the fear?

Dawn Murray is a friend of mine who I turned to for help with my own emotional shit. Dawn is a Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner and does work by phone or in person. She recently contributed her article.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a major contributing factor in weight gain and weight retention as far as I’m concerned. That fear and negative emotion is also toxic and can be stored as acidic waste in our bodies. Any sort of work you can do to remove these fears will take your body to a new level of health and peace. I highly suggest you have a look at it. Talk to Dawn for more information.

Please be safe this Halloween everyone. Kids may have a hard time seeing you in your car through their Halloween masks. Their attention is elsewhere, so please be extra careful when driving. If you don’t have to drive tonight, don’t.