Applying The Law Of Attraction

Long before the hit movie “The Secret” came out I was a big fan of John Assaraf’s work, and I read Dr. Joe Vitale’s Book “The Attractor Factor“. As I followed John’s work throughout the years the one thing that resonated with me the most was his use of vision boards. I immediate realized how powerful this simple tool could be in my drive toward not only my fitness goals, but all goals in my life.

Throughout my University education in the field of Kinesiology, the subjects that fascinated me the most were Sport Psychology and Sport Philosophy. In these courses we learned a lot about the power of visualization and the same studies that are talked about in the movie “The Secret”. Believe me, there are countless studies out there on the power of visualization!

Visualizing my goals and experiencing the feelings and emotions of already achieving them has always come naturally to me within my sports background. But I knew that I had to give this vision board thing a try.


Being the over-achiever that I am, I knew that I had to take it to a whole new level. A board was just not enough for me, especially in the world we live in where people are always trying to discourage us from achieving our goals by knocking them down.

Basically, I’ve bombarded my mind and my life with my goals. I’ve got pictures of my fitness goal body on my desk, on my computer, on my alarm clock, on my bedroom wall, on my bathroom mirrors, on my fridge, in my car.

Plus I have my goals written out next to them with all the feelings and emotions of already achieving them, and I’ve got inspirational quotes next to them too.

Here’s a video clip of my house to give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

[youtube 72U7Upx0074]

Notice the screen saver on my computer at the beginning of the video clip. It’s the wax seal from the movie “The Secret”. Take a look at the quotes and the fake 1 million dollar bill.

This is a lot of fun for me and yes people do look at me a little funny at times, but now they’re all used to it and have started doing it themselves. For the people that knock it… So be it. This works for me and I’m not going to let anyone else’s comments or opinions get in the way of me and my goals.

I encourage you to bombard your mind with the images, thoughts, and feelings of the goals that you expect to accomplish. Since practicing this incredible Law Of Attraction, I find myself in almost disbelief at the incredible miracles that have happened in my life.

I’m telling you man, miracles are happening daily. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I does seem as if I am much more in tune and aware of the many amazing opportunities that are being presented on a daily basis.

The key factor is being open and willing to RECEIVE these incredible miracles into your life. Why? Because YOU deserve it! With a capital ‘D’

By the way…

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Here to serve you… Scott

Scott Tousignant, BHK, CFC is the creator of Unstoppable Fat Loss… “Empower Your Mind… And Your Body Will Follow”. Scott has also authored 2 books that are transforming the bodies of people around the world. The Fit Chic and The Fit Bastard not only contain a FULL YEAR of workouts, they provide intense motivation to drive you to fat loss success.

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