What Not To Do In The Gym

You may be new to the gym or an old time lifter, but regardless of how much time you’ve spent in the gym, there are things that you might do to piss people off, or be one of those that gets pissed off. Want to learn about Gym Etiquette?

Gym Rules - What Not To Do In The Gym

There’s this sort of unwritten rule about what you should and should not do in the gym, from what you’re wearing to how you smell. It’s called Gym Etiquette, and believe me, if you piss someone off, they may be very vocal about expressing it to you. I’ve seen fights and near fights in the gym and have been “attacked” myself by two fellows

So what are the rules? What should you absolutely not do in the gym, and more importantly why? Are these rules universal or just at your gym?

I am putting out the word about this post so that I may get input from gym members, gym owners, personal trainers, old time lifters and newbies. My goal is to get 100 comments with your personal rule, or wannabe rule. I’ll take what is presented and see what I can do about making a full document about Gym Etiquette. It will become the World Resource for What Not To Do In The Gym.

Here are a few to get started

What Not To Do In The Gym

#1 Do not walk between the mirror and someone who is lifting

They’re focused on what they’re doing. They’re using the mirror. They’re lifting heavy weights and they’re concentrating. Don’t walk in front of them. If they’re in front of the dumbbell rack, wait. It’s that simple. Or go around to the other side by walking behind them.

#2 Don’t talk to anyone while they’re in the middle of a set

This is just plain dangerous. If I’m in the middle of a set, and it’s getting harder and harder, I have to be more careful about what I’m doing so that I can complete my set without injury. Now… someone comes up and says “Hi, is that heavy?” or “Hi, does that work the Lats better?”. Good Lord, what a recipe for disaster. Depending on the lifter, you’re the one that might get hurt.

#3 Retire old sneakers and lifting straps

Even though you may be freshly washed and clean with just a misting of sweat, your 2 year old wrist straps have countless hours worth of sweat in them… fermenting. Same with our gym shoes. Don’t trust your own nose, but rather, give them a time frame of say 6 months, then retire them.
#4 Wipe down the equipment when you’re done

Look for the spray bottle and towel used for cleaning the machines. These are not for the janitors, these are for the gym members to clean up after themselves. Wipe down the machines after use, sweaty or not.

#5 When wiping down the cardio machines, watch where you’re spraying

Ever been on a piece of cardio equipment when the person next to you finishes and then wipes their machine down? Ever been squirted with that chemical cleaning crap? Well.. don’t do it yourself. This is as simple as understanding the physics of the squirt bottle. It’s a mist!!! It mists! Point the nose of the bottle away from the person next to you and in towards the actual machine. Instead of a ‘straight on’ squirt… angle it a bit. Geesh.

Now. What pisses you off? What do you wish everyone in your gym knew as to the rules? Think about this. One might jump right out and you want to post a comment about it, or maybe you’ll think about this next time you’re in the gym and then come back and post the comment.

Regardless, lets get 100 great “What Not To Do In The Gym” comments and suggestions and I’ll compile a list. Email this post to anyone you know who works out, is a personal trainer, or trains and likes to rant. We can collectively do the world a service by getting this list made and then promoted.

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