What Kind of Water Do You Drink?

Water is associated with almost every function of our body, directly tied to our energy levels, our ability to burn fat, detoxify and also to slow down the aging process. Want great skin and a healthy looking glow? Drink more water. Want to improve your digestion and bowel movements? Drink more water. Want to reduce your feelings of hunger, eat less and simply feel better? Drink more water.
In doing some research on water and how to incorporate more of into our daily lives, I got thinking about the types of water out there and the type of water YOU drink. Maybe you can help me understand this a bit more. I’d like to know what type of water YOU drink on average. Not the amount just yet, but the type. If you like, you can leave a comment as to the amounts of water, but my primary question is What Type of Water Do You Drink?


I had a body composition analysis done this morning and I’m told that I’m dangerously dehydrated. Hard to believe from my point of view when I drink 8 litres a day. I’m told now that I need 12 to 14 litres per day – that’s 3 to 3.5 GALLONS.

Yes, I drink an enormous amount of water and I’ve been called the “Water Nazi” on many occasions. Friends often send me emails or messages on facebook saying simply “Drink more water”, or even sign off on their messages with “Drink more water” because I so often say it to everyone else.

I’m doing some research right now on water and specifically it’s uptake in the body. The question I’m posing to myself and doing research on is “How to IMPROVE the uptake of H2O into the cells“. It’s my belief that it’s not just about how much water you drink each day, but how much of that water actually makes it into our cells. If our electrolyte balance is off, all that water can be floating around, but the doors to our cells never actually open. Its a sodium / potassium thing, but I’ll get into that more in another post.

If you’ve got any sort of information about how to improve water uptake, or tips on how to drink more water in a day, or have a type of water that I haven’t listed, leave a comment.

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