What Is Braggs Liquid Aminos

Darlene and I both use Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and have for years. I’ve looked into this and to the best of my knowledge Braggs Liquid Aminos and Braggs All Purpose Seasoning is the exact same thing. One is the US version and one is the Canadian Version. Because we use Braggs so much, I thought I’d post this here on the blog so that we can refer to it when needed. Braggs is a healthy replacement product for Soy Sauce.

braggs liquid aminos

Braggs Liquid Aminos Information

Bragg Liquid Aminos is a Certified NON-GMO liquid protein concentrate, derived from soybeans, that contains the following Essential and Non-essential Amino Acids in naturally occurring amounts:

* Alanine
* Arginine
* Aspartic Acid
* Glutamic Acid
* Glycine
* Histidine
* Isoleucine
* Leucine
* Methionine
* Phenylalanine
* Proline
* Serine
* Threonine
* Tyrosine
* Valine
* Lysine

Great on Salads & Dressings, , Veggies, Rice & Beans, Tofu, Wok & , Tempeh, Casseroles, Potatoes, Meats, Poultry, Fish, Jerky, Popcorn, Gravies & Sauces, Macrobiotics.

Ingredients: Our Bragg Liquid Aminos are made from health-giving, NON-GMO soybeans and purified water. They are an excellent, healthy, gourmet replacement for Tamari and Soy Sauce. Not fermented or heated and Gluten-Free.

Bragg’s has a small amount of naturally occurring sodium. No table salt is added. If less sodium is desired use a 6 oz. Bragg’s spray bottle and dilute with 1/3 or to taste and then either add in or spray on food.


  • A source of delicious, nutritious, life-renewing protein.
  • Taste you’ll love – Nutrition you need.
  • Great on salads, veggies, dressings, soups, rice, beans, Wok foods, tofu, gravies, jerky, poultry, fish, popcorn, meats, casseroles, potatoes and most foods.
  • Contains important healthy amino acids

Bragg Liquid Aminos contains

  • no chemicals
  • no artificial coloring
  • no alcohol
  • no preservatives
  • no Gluten
  • Certified NON-GMO

Where Do You Get Braggs Liquid Aminos

Of course the next logical question is where do you buy this stuff? It’s available anywhere natural foods are sold and that’s just about anywhere now. I get mine here in Edmonton at my local Planet Organic store. There are two Planet Organic stores in Edmonton, one at Jasper and 122st and the other at 80 ave and 104 st, next to Blockbuster Video. It’s also available in the natural food section of Save-on-Foods and probably at Safeway. Darlene and I buy the small pump version shown here so that we can control the amount that we put on our foods. Then we buy the larger bottle and use it to refill the pump bottle. We store the small pump bottle in the fridge and the large bottle in our pantry without worry of it going bad. I really don’t know why we keep the small bottle in the fridge, just habit I guess.

For more information about Bragg Liquid Aminos visit their website Bragg.com or purchase it through Amazon

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