Vitamins Dont Work – Aspartame and Sucralose is Fine

Food Supplements are Big business in America. In the year 2000 Americans ALONE spent more than 16 BILLION in supplements.IN 1994 Americans spent 8.8 BiLLION! Thats double in only six years! Multi vitamin supplements are the most popular and most people believe they contribute to good health.

Americans are skeptical about people (the Government) criticizing their supplements.Nearly half of Americans surveyed believed physicians are prejudiced against use of supplements and dont understand them.

People dont trust the government when it comes to advice on supplements either.Approximately 70% of people said they would continue to use a supplement even if a government agency ( such as the goold ole Food And Drug Administration or FDA) said it was ineffective! (strength Cond J. DEC 2002; ARCH.INT. MED.,161:805-810,2001)

This study is about 8 years old but I tend to believe nothing has changed. If the FDA told you to quit taking your vitamins yet approve Sucralose,aspartame and artificial flavours and colors are all slammed down your throat for consumption how do you explain that?

Dont get me wrong I love my Doctor hes’ a good guy and means well for me but this isnt about the little family practictioner. this is about the big conglomerations that are not making millions their making BILLIONS on selling this shit and then selling more shit to cure the problems they created in the first place…

What do you think Am I an idiot?

[Rob’s Note: I found this little comment in a note on facebook and thought it quite appropriate seeing as how a recent news story was advising doctors to stop recommending vitamin supplements to their patients because they were shown to not be effective.

From a personal stand point, and I’m only speaking for myself here, I get a kick out of seeing news headlines like that. “Study shows Vitamins ineffective”, “What We Eat Has No Impact On Disease”. Even the recent move by the US to begin irradiating spinach (for our protection of course) has got to ring some alarm bells.

Once we realize that they are making money off of dis-ease, pain and suffering, it becomes clear where all the headlines and stories are coming from and why.

Get sick, take a drug.

or realize that our body is fueled by food, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and do everything you can do to take personal responsibility and eat the way nature intended. Fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grass fed animals, wild fish and pure clean water – and that’s it!

Note: if you know the source of this initial comment, I’d love to give credit ]

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