Upper Body Training With Chains

Diesel Crew does some great chain training here. Chains provide an unstable environment for lifting as well as changing the resistance by putting more load on your muscles when they’re in their strongest part of the movement. Jim Smith is the author of Combat Core Conditioning, the most advanced torso strength training manual I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.

[youtube 2RxgCze0zjA nolink]

combat core conditioningJim “Smitty” Smith is a strength coach and cofounder of the Diesel Crew. Jim dedicates himself to studying, developing and enhancing athletic performance through the utilization of conventional and non-conventional training protocols, including; powerlifting, weightlifting, strongman, odd-objects, Russian kettlebells and grip strength methodologies. This distinctive and comprehensive approach has helped athletes of all skills levels attain their goals and “Achieve Beyond Potential.” Jim is an active student of strength athletics and is always seeking new ways to innovate and provide a unique perspective for gaining muscle, rehabbing injuries, improving performance and building better athletics. Jim is a contributor to Mens Health magazine.

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