Top Fruits For Vitamin C Content

When most people are under the weather, they reach for NeoCitran or their trusty Vitamin C tablets and echinicia. There are because of the possible damage they can do to your health; what was once considered to be the norm may well be contributing to the problem. Darlene and I choose the practice of reducing our food intake and increase Vitamin C through fresh fruits in addition to our staple Sunrider Vitafruit. This way we reduce the load on our digestive systems and increase Vitamin C through food. Today happens to be one of those days, so I thought I’d do a little research about vitamin C containing fruit.

Without doing the research and simply going from memory, I’d have to guess Oranges and Kiwi as being the highest.

Here’s what I found out. According to Dr Sears,
vitamin c fruits

Top 7 Fruits For Vitamin C Content

  1. Guava, 1 medium, 165 mg
  2. Papaya, 1 cup, 87 mg
  3. Strawberries, 1 cup, 84 mg
  4. Kiwi, 1 medium, 74 mg
  5. Cantaloupe, 1 cup, 68 mg
  6. Orange, 1 medium, 75 mg
  7. Grapefruit, half, 42 mg

My Oranges and Kiwi come in at number 4 and 6. Why I didn’t think of grapefruit I don’t know. Guava happens to be the fruit that is highest in Vitamin C.

Which Fruit Is Highest In Vitamin C?

The fruit highest in Vitamin C, Guava, is native to Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America. 100 grams of Guava contains 228 mg of Vitamin C where one fruit contains about 128 mg. In the picture above, Guava is the pink fruit on the left. The whole fruit is edible, but the seeds can be a pain in the ass. The rind can be sour but has the most amount of Vitamin C (said to have 5 times as much as an orange) – good reason to put it all into your and make use of it all.

So there you have it. If you’re looking to find the fruit highest in vitamin C or the top Vitamin C containing fruits, look no further than your basic Guava, Papaya, Strawberries, Kiwi, Cantaloupe, Orange and Grapefruit. Eat them raw, eat them alone on an empty stomach and give them 30 to 45 minutes to pass through your stomach where they’ll deliver all their nutrient rich goodness.

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