The Spartan Women Wedding Ritual. Wow!

We all look forward to the day that we are presented with a marriage proposal by our true love. By the one man that will honor us, cherish us, and love us till death do us part. We have visions of flowers, what our brides maids will wear, the color theme we want, and Oh yes, our beautifully flowing gown. The joy we will share with family and loved ones on that most important day in our lives. The Spartan Woman’s wedding ritual left her scared, alone and not knowing her her husband would even be. These ancient women had to have strength, courage and be unattached to things around them just to survive, so please, join me as I take you through the Wedding Ritual of the Spartan Woman.Spartan Woman Wedding

Well, a Spartan Women had this to look forward to. She was abducted in the middle of the night by her suitor. Kind of romantic don’t you think? Well, think again. After her abduction, her head was shaved and she was made to wear mens clothing. Nice wedding dress. After reading that my curiosity turned immediately toward the men. What exactly was there intention when they did that? I have a few ideas since homosexuality was not uncommon back then. After all they did live with all men until they were 31. Leaves it to reason, right?

Any how, after all that, they were made to lay on a pallet, in the dark, until their new husband showed up. Can you imagine. Being left in the dark, knowing what was happening, scared, alone, and not even knowing who your new husband was! Me personally, I would have run. After this initial ritual was over the husband and wife met almost entirely for procreation. Now get this, any Spartan man could abduct a wife, which led to many husbands, one wife or visa verse. See what I mean about them not being attached.

These women had no choice in this matter, it was out of their control. They remained unattached to the outcome of how or when this would occur. Kind of like what we need to do when it comes to manifesting. It remains unclear to me though who she actually looked after for dues and such if she had so many husbands or visa verse. This is all to confusing.

But use your imagination for a minute and picture yourself in her position. How strong would you be? How would you have dealt with that? Would you have remained feeling strong and empowered like they did or would you have shut down and gone into a deep depression?

I think with all of this, we can honestly take our lessons from their strength. That no matter what occurs, be strong, remain unattached to what is not important, and go on living for ourselves and what we love. These women loved Sparta and the freedoms they enjoyed by living there. No doubt, that is why they lived the way they did. It was a small price to pay to be a free women who could roam the streets alone, converse with men in public, and have a say in what was occurring around them politically.

Take the hint ladies, we can all agree we have it better than they did. Or do we? Pull out your Spartan Woman this week and ask her. Pull out her strength within you and see what you can become unattached to. Unattached yourself to problems that are not your own, not to say you cannot care about the other person. But let go of the attachment to you. Unattached yourself to whatever makes you unhappy this week. Most of all, unattach yourself to how something will occur in your manifesting. Let the Universe figure that out. You will see a new you by Friday.

Until next week…. Spartan Women Rule!

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