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…We don’t experience migraines because of a deficiency in Tylenol 3.

…We don’t experience depression because of a deficiency in Prozac.

…Our child doesn’t have ADHD because they were born without Ritalin.

…We don’t experience cancer because of deficiencies in “Chemo”…

My mission is to change individual health care. I would like to see everybody understanding real health. What is Real health? Is it the absence of symptoms? No. Health is when a man becomes natural. What is natural? It is easy spontaneous and without effort. The word “SAHAJ” in Sanskrit means “what is natural, what is innate, in anything’s being.” When you are your natural self and don’t have any obsession or compulsion, you are not bothered about the results of your actions. That is what health is.

Health, is freedom from pain in the physical body… Having attained a state of true well being …Freedom from turmoil and conflict on an emotional level …Having attained as a result, a dynamic state of serenity and calm. Freedom from selfishness in the mental sphere, having as a result: total unification with truth.

…The mental level is the most important level for us human beings. It is the level where the spiritual content of a person emerges. That which is the true essence. We are all here for evolving in consciousness and if the inner tools of obtaining a higher consciousness are broken or disturbed then the whole purpose of evolution in consciousness is lost. Then what is the meaning of life? An absolute healthy mind is expressed by a person living in a continual spiritual bliss. Daily revealing new creative ideas… Expressed in very clear ways, always in the service of others. That is health.

I want to see that when your child experiences an earache, he or she is given natural remedies to help heal. Not antibiotics. And true understanding of the biological conflict that causes that symptom.

I want to see that an allergy is cleared naturally, instead of being “treated” or suppressed with Claritin or whatever else is available in the pharmacy.

Antibiotics, Pain killers, allergy medications, antacids and laxatives are all used and well over abused for the wrong reasons. We just need to understand why we are experiencing that certain symptom – and then follow the road to health.

You don’t experience a migraine because of deficiency of Tylenol 3.

You don’t experience depression because of deficiency of Prozac.

Your child doesn’t have ADHD because of deficiency of Ritalin.

You don’t experience cancer because of a deficiency of chemo.

I found this snip in an ancient text of Sumeria called

The Sacred Script of the Covenant“:

“Honor your body, which is your representative in this universe. It’s magnificence is no accident.

It is the framework through which your work must come true, through which both the spirit and “the spirit within the spirit” speak.

The flesh and the spirit are two phases of your actuality in space and time.

Who ignores one, falls apart in shambles.

So it is written…”

The human being was originally designed to function harmoniously, and compatible with the environment. Since human beings are gifted with consciousness and awareness, they carry great responsibility both for their own benefit and for that of the cosmos, to live accordingly to the laws of nature.

But what we see is that most individuals, instead of enjoying an increasingly vibrant degree of health from generation to generation, are experiencing a continuous decline in heath.


For 2 reasons,

1: Humans are in violation of the laws of both nature and health.

2: Mankind has gradually lost an inner awareness which would have enabled correct perception of the laws of nature and health, which still must be respected.

So here I am to help you get out of this vicious cycle!
I believe that this universe would not be the same without all the individuals that are born…

We are all very unique and all of us have something very valuable to offer — and we have to help each other to reach our full consciousness.

All of us are here with a mission; there is no reason why anybody should be depressed, but in truth, millions of people are.


So let’s engage in this journey together, and untangle health, layer by layer, and reach our full potential together.

That is my mission.

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