Taking Action and Overcoming Fear Podcast

This weeks weight loss podcast is about Taking Action and Overcoming Fear. The fear of the unknown is probably one of the biggest blocks that could you could ever create in your life that holds you back from your success. Did Thomas Edison know what the light bulb was going to look like when it was finished? No, he knew what he wanted, to turn electricity into light, but not what the light bulb would look like. What do you want? Do you know what it looks like? You probably do, so you’re way ahead of Mr Edison. Take the fear you have about the unknown and turn it into your advantage. Take one single step towards that which you do not know. Stay present, and look directly beneath your feet to where you are now, then take one step forward. The journey of a hundred miles begins with a single step.

Jessie is a new author here on this blog. She wants to lose 100 pounds. She had mentioned that she was deathly afraid of the gym for various reasons that she listed in the forum. She stepped into her fear and took a step. She took her kids and spent the day visiting gyms to see what they looked like and to see what sort of rates they had for memberships. She had never been inside a gym in her life and had imagined all sorts of scarey people and equipment and especially the fear of the “pretty people looking down on the fat girl and talking behind her back about her”.

When she got to the first gym, she found that they would give her a tour and explain some things.

At the next gym, she was no more prepared for what was going to happen and had a better experience than the first.

Jump forward 5 weeks, many training sessions later and a change in her eating program and Poof, Jessie is 21 pounds lighter and one quarter the way to her goal of 100 pounds.

She wrote about her success here on her post about Loosing A shit load Of Weight, so I wont tell you any more except that she’s wanting a workout buddy now and is asking for your participation so that she can give you a 4 week membership at Golds Gym for Free. Have a read of her post “You’re Doing What?” for more info.

As for me and my fear, here’s my “unknown”:

I used to have a talk radio show, but have NO idea what a podcast looks like other than it’s audio and it’s on the web. I’m going to Boston in October for Podcamp 2007 and thought I might wait until I have all the answer before I get started.


I could take a step and do what I already know.

I know how to record an audio clip
I know how to insert audio into this blog

so that’s how I’m going to get started. Here is my first weight loss podcast:
Overcoming Fear and Taking Action.


The next steps are to learn more about equipment, announcing the podcast to subscribers, better equipment, being able to record telephone interviews, adding in a music lead in and music lead out etc… but that will come with time. I’m at least moving forward by taking action and overcoming fear of not being perfect at my podcasts. I hope you enjoy. Ps, it’s not perfect and I don’t really care.

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