Ten Health Commandments

I’ve been reading a bunch about the importance of water again because of our latest articles by :Kristine and interviews by :Michael. Paul C Bragg is a fellow I’ve know about for years and I trust his wisdom. I have a good close personal friend in Sunrider who trained with him and taught Yoga on the beach in Hawaii for a number of years. I use a couple of the Bragg products, namely Apple Cider Vinegar and the Liquid Aminos (all purpose seasoning). While reading his website recently, I found these Ten Health Commandments and wanted to pass them along.

Ten Health Commandments

  • Thou shalt respect and protect thy body as the highest manifestation of life.
  • Thou shalt abstain from all unnatural, devitalized food and stimulating beverages.
  • Thou shalt nourish thy body with only Natural unprocessed, live foods, that . .
  • Thou shalt extend thy years in health for loving, charitable service.
  • Thou shalt regenerate thy body by the right balance of activity and rest.
  • Thou shalt purify thy cells, tissue and blood with healthy foods, pure fresh air and sunshine.
  • Thou shalt abstain from all food when out of sorts in mind or body.
  • Thou shalt keep all thoughts, words and emotions pure, calm and uplifting.
  • Thou shalt increase thy knowledge of Nature’s Laws, follow them, and enjoy the fruits of thy life’s labor.
  • Thou shalt lift up thyself, friends and family by obedience to God’s Healthy, Pure Laws of living.

– Paul C. Bragg and Patricia Bragg

Good Luck on the second one

Source: Paul C Bragg

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