Review of Women’s Running Shoes

I love fitness. And I enjoy shopping. So you can imagine how much I enjoyed shopping for new running shoes. Two of my favorites happily rolled into one.

Not to mention I had a great shopping experience. For anyone reading in the Central Ohio area, make sure the check out Front Runner on W. Lane Avenue for some superb customer service.

During my shopping trip I tried on several shoes, and most of the ones on my list of running shoes I researched. The only one I didn’t get to try was the Brooks Glycerin.

My final decision came down to two shoes: the Nike Air Max 180 and the Adidas Supernova.

The Nike Air Max 180 had great cushioning. The feel of the shoe itself was snug and secure. And you it came with the ability to “talk” to my ipod (with the purchase of an additional sensor).

The Adidas Women’s Supernova Cushioning 6 Running Shoe
also offered a shock-absorbing ride. The shoe itself didn’t have the snug, secure feel of the Nike Air Max 180. It did, however, have a much higher arch support and really made a difference when running.
Adidas Supernova

So which did I choose? The Adidas Supernova won out with its added bonus of the higher arch support.

If you have a more flat to normal arch the Nike Air Max 180 may be a great fit for you (and you get to play with the nifty gadget!).

Whatever your next pair of running shoes may be make sure you get the opportunity to test them before purchasing. It’s the best way to ensure your spending your hard earned money on the right pair of shoes.

Now I’ve got the right pair of shoes for me and I’m ready to get out and play in my new “kicks” and sweat like a girl!

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