Recipe: Green Smoothie

Last week’s recipe was a which is a favorite around our house. Continuing with our “green theme” for the month of March, in honor of St Patty, We’ve got Darlene’s favorite green smoothie recipe. Darlene is away in Vegas for a photographer trade show, so I’m posting for her (Rob). She likes fruit, and has no issues around mixing fruit and leafy greens in a blended drink, while I’m a bit more of a purist.

On a recent poll about what you choose as a liquid breakfast, only 11% of voters chose a green smoothie. I’d like to increase that number a bunch if I can. Smoothies allow for nutrients to be easily absorbed into the digestive system because we’ve taken the digestive load off the stomach. Your choices for fruits and vegetables are endless, so please don’t limit yourself to the items We describe here. Be creative.

I like big blended salad’s, but more so during the summer months when produce is fresh and available locally. Stay tuned for the blended drinks I come up with this summer.

green smoothie

Green Smoothie

The ingredient list is pretty straight forward. As you can see from the picture, Darlene’s green smoothie contains (from left to right), Organic Apple cider, Avocodo, a good handful or two or three of mixed greens, raw almonds, ground flax seeds, banana and , herbal supplements and stevia of your choice (ours is ) ( and some distilled water – not shown)

Ingredient List

1 Banana
2 Kiwi
2 Cups organic apple cider
2 Cups distilled water
10 Raw almonds
2 Tbsp ground flax seeds
2 or 3 large hand fulls (grab a big bunch) of dark leafy greens
1/2 an Avocado
Stevia to taste (we use Sunrider brand stevia)
Herbal Supplements of your choice. Pictured are 2 Nuplus Pina Banana flavor, 5 caps Quinary, 5 caps of sport caps

Green smoothie

Put everything in the blender and blend until smooth. It’s that easy. Consume on an empty stomach, for best digestion results and allow for your saliva to mix with the drink a few moments before swallowing. This allows for it to begin digesting before it enters your stomach.

The end result is this wonderful green smoothie and yes, that’s me holding it. (Yes we really make these recipes)

St Patrick's Day Super Green smoothie

And again, this post was done by Rob because Darlene is in Vegas (without me) attending a photography trade show. [Love you baby!]

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Green Smoothie Photo Credits: Her View Photography

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