Reader Feedback

You know, you write a blog and wonder if anyone actually reads them or gets any value out of them. Comments appear from time to time (more would be good – hint hint), but it’s always nice to get some feedback personally emailed to you.

I get them from time to time and today is one of those days.

Dear Rob,

Thank you so much for your teachings. I have learned a lot through you and am encouraging many of my friends to subscribe and learn from you to keep their bodies health. Now I have increased the habit of whole food consumption after learning the bad habit about white food which turns very fast to sugars in our bodies.

May God bless you, increase your knowledge and wisdom to be a blessing to more of God’s people who are seeking for for truth. The bible says – know the truth and it shall set you free, again it says wisdom is profitable to direct. Long life is our heritage.


You’re very welcome Sarah. Thank you for taking it upon yourself to make changes and become better. We need more people in this world who are willing to step out of victim mode and take responsibility for their lives.

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