Poll: Does Weight Watchers Really Work?

I’m wondering if Weight Watchers actually works, if it teaches health or just portion control. Weight Watchers was my first experience with dieting and I went as early as grade 5. I was 175 pounds at the time and my mother thought that I shouldn’t be so heavy. She first took me to the doctor who told her that I would “grow into it” as I got older. She didn’t think that was the right answer and so we joined Weight Watchers together.

[UPDATED: see my note and link at the bottom]

I barely remember the food program as my mom handled that part, but I did go to the weekly weight ins. I remember taking more and more pieces of clothing off each time we went in, and even began removing my keys, my wallet, my belt, shoes and socks to get that extra quarter pound.

I know little of Weight Watchers now, but I’ve heard that it’s mostly about portion control and little about health. I admit, I do not know their current program, so I want to ask the question. Does Weight Watchers work? are you currently following the program and are you getting results. More importantly, are you learning anything about health and nutrition, or just about portion control.
does weight watchers really work
It’s my belief, and the basis of what I teach my clients, that a successful program should educate the user about health principles that they can take with them wherever they go. I believe that it’s more important to fully understand how digestion works, how to support the colon and manage blood sugar as well as making nutrient dense foods the primary focus of your meals.

So what about Weight Watchers? I know it teaches portion control, but what else? If you’re following the program, are you happy with the results and if you’re a former member of Weight Watchers, why? Did you lose weight and leave the program or get pissed off at them?

In the poll below, please choose any and all answers that apply to help myself and others understand.


If there is more to Weight Watchers, either good or bad that I’ve not included in the poll options, please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Update: I have a few friends and clients who use weight watchers for support and accountability where they are in the world. They’ve been filling me in on some of their experiences.

First: have a read of and the psychological impact the scale has, when weight watchers clients are exercising and gaining muscle weight.

Second: I just learned some alarming things about the beverages weight watchers recommends. I’ll be writing a post on that soon.

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