Inspired Weight Loss

Diet and exercise will only take you so far when it comes to weight loss. For 80% of you it has only taken you as far as the first 4 weeks of 2008 after setting your New Years Resolutions to lose weight. Eating well and working out like crazy has now become more of a chore and is very difficult to maintain. So what is it that separates the people who stick with their fat loss goals from those people who continue to struggle to lose weight?

In the words of Jon Benson, “I had to have something much larger than myself as a goal.” Like Jon, the thought of eating better and losing weight because it will make you feel better is just not enough to motivate you to get to the gym when you are tired, or prepare a healthy meal when pizza is just a phone call away.

The Missing Piece of a Weight Loss Program

There’s nothing inspiring about following a diet plan or workout program on it’s own. If that were the case then we would have millions of inspired people because there certainly seem to be a limitless supply of nutrition and exercise books out there. As Dr. Joe Vitale says, “The ‘how to’s’ of weight loss are all over the place.” What was missing for Dr. Vitale was the emotional component of support.

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When I think back 4 years ago when I first signed up to the “Former Fat Guy” newsletter, it wasn’t the nutrition advice or the workout programs Rob was suggesting that kept me reading. It was his inspiring story, words of encouragement, positive example, and positive energy that had me eager to open each email.

We all want that hope that we too will have the lean and sexy body which we deserve. It’s people like Rob Cooper who give us hope. They’ve paved the way and ultimately left a blueprint for us to follow.

But we all have our own unique driving force. What inspired Rob to take massive immediate action may not be what inspires you. You have to do your own soul searching to really get at what it is that’s going to motivate you beyond todays workout or healthy meal plan.

What Is Your Destiny

Lately the word ‘destiny’ has been on my mind constantly. What is my destiny? What’s my mission in life or my life’s purpose? What do I want my legacy to be once I leave this planet.

For me, it’s my destiny to play a major contributing role in reversing the obesity trend. I’m on a mission to help 100,000 people achieve the healthy, lean, and vibrant bodies that they deserve by 2010 and with the help of these 100,000 healthy high achievers we will reverse the obesity trend by 2015.

I’m on a mission to continually improve my body and health year after year and this mission must be achieved because I am leading by example in order to spark this movement.

The words of Clark Bartram ring in my ears. “Don’t accept less than the best for yourself.” It’s my life’s purpose to fulfill this mission and have a tremendous impact on the health of the people on planet Earth. I refuse to accept anything less of myself. This is what drives me each and every day.

I have become an unstoppable person. I will not allow anything to get in my way. I will certainly face many challenges and I look forward to overcoming them. Each challenge will make me stronger.

I am certain that nothing is holding me back from achieving my goals. I am taking one step closer to achieving them each and every day. I choose to go after my dreams and goals with every ounce of my being because this is who I am.

I refuse to put my goals off until tomorrow. There’s no better time to act than right now at this very moment. Now is the time to go after your dream body. What are you waiting for. Take action and don’t look back.

This is the new ‘YOU’. You are willing to do what it takes in order to live the life of your dreams. Take the time to search your mind, heart, and soul, and think of what your life’s purpose is. What role does your health and fitness play in that vision?

Give it all you got!

Your dream body awaits you…

Scott Tousignant

Scott Tousignant, BHK, CFC is the creator of Unstoppable Fat Loss… “Empower Your Mind… And Your Body Will Follow”. Scott has also authored 2 books that are transforming the bodies of people around the world. The Fit Chic and The Fit Bastard not only contain a FULL YEAR of workouts, they provide intense motivation to drive you to fat loss success.

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