Pimp My Diet Please

“This brings me to this point.. right here, right now. This is my choice. I am ready to change. I want to be healthy and I want to live my life. I want to participate in my life!”

On a summer day in August I was surfing the Internet and was frustrated with one of my many attempts at weight loss, I came across a Weight Loss website. Within the website and blog itself, a forum. It was then that I quickly realized that this was a community of people who were knowledgeable on many different health related topics. A friendly group who was non judgmental, supportive and many of whom, had been where I was currently at. I quickly felt a connection to some of the forum members including Rob, Michele, Blush and frequently communicated with Photogirl67.

Expecting Big Results

Fast forward to the end of December and the beginning of the New Year. One of the forums titled, Pimp My Diet, seemed to beckon me and after months of posting and making definite changes in my eating habits it was time to get serious. I remember the conversation with Rob and Darlene clearly. “You will be making big changes but also expect big results.”
My first assignment was to food journal for seven days. I decided to log each day onto my blog and record what I ate, how I felt and any other comments for the day.

I Found I Would Go Hours Without Eating

There were moments that I would not eat breakfast and my first meal would be 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Other days, I would go up to eight hours without a meal causing my body to store the calories and slow down my metabolism. My body didn’t have the food it required throughout the morning so I continually ate all afternoon and well into the evening until I went to sleep! Quite often I’d be eating grains and starches well after 10 PM. Stress played a big factor in my food choices: sweets, sugars, starches and overeating. Not only was my body under nourished but also dehydrated due to lack of fluids. Water was not something regularly and consistently consumed. Food logging is something that I will continue to do in my weight loss plan and it brings awareness to my opportunities.

New Habit – Eating Breakfast Every Day

After completing my week of food journaling, I continued to do so but the change that came next was to eat breakfast everyday. No exceptions. This included Bob’s Red Mill Cereal that involved getting up early to cook breakfast and adding raw sunflower seeds, raw pumpkin seeds, Salba and Almond Milk. Not only eating hot cereal but three eggs cooked in coconut oil. I have never been a breakfast eater and my stomach churned at the thought of breakfast. I’m proud to report that nine days in, I have missed only one day! I will write about the importance of breakfast at a later date.

During September, I decided to begin using Sunrider. When I first tried it, it felt good in my body and I continue to feel that the Sunrider fills the gaps that are in my dietary needs. My Pimp My Diet includes not only changes in my diet but also in my Sunrider regimen. I am now using Sunrider to maximize its potential and nourish my body.

My success depends on my level of commitment and being accountable for what I consume, my activity and lifestyle choices. I begin my journey weighing 240 pounds.


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