How The Attractor Factor Works

I am asked about The Attractor Factor, about creating miracles and why I say “I am a money magnet” by a good number of people, so I thought I’d give you a timely short example of creating the life you want. In the past 24 hours, I’ve been led down a path, providing me with the resources I need to take action on something that I attracted into my life. This is a small piece of how the attractor factor works.

We are taught at about appreciating money as energy, even to love it and honor it, and to give it the respect it deserves. Harv teaches that if we don’t give a simple penny respect, why would the universe give us more money? If we can’t manage $10, how could we manage $100,000?

When we find a penny, a nickel, a quarter or whatever on the street, Harv teaches us to pick it up, kiss it and say “I am a money magnet, thank you, thank you, thank you”.

There’s more to it than that, but that’s the idea.

I add a little twist on it, that when I find a penny or a nickel, I expect larger amounts to be found as well.

My mantra or affirmation has been expanded to become this:

Money comes to me easily and effortlessly, from known and unknown sources, each and every day which I receive with grace and gratitude

Say that every day… better yet, say it 5 or 10 times a day. Post it on the dashboard of your car, on your computer monitor, on your mirror at home. Teach your kids to respect a dime and to expect more to come. From where doesn’t matter, just to have them expect it. Have them live from abundance, not scarcity.

The Universe, God, Spirit, All That Is, does not differentiate between big and small.. it just works to bring you things that you want. One example is money and that is why I use this little mantra, call myself a Money Magnet and honor and respect money. As I earn more money, I can do more good in this world.

This is what “I Am A Money Magnet” is all about.

So on to what this post is about… the attractor factor and creating miracles.

Joe Vitale Attractor FactorI have just finished Joe Vitale’s “” (available at Amazon or your local bookstore) and at the back of it he recommends “the Sedona Method” as a way to clear mental and emotional blockages which improve your ability to attract that which you want into your life.

I’ve heard about the Sedona Method before, but never understood it, nor was it the right time for me.

So here’s how my last 24 hours went.

  1. I finished reading The Attractor Factor
  2. I saw The Sedona Method in the back as a resource and it jumped out at me (caught my attention and resonated with me ie: I felt good about it)
  3. I mentioned it to my girlfriend and wanted to know what she knew about it
  4. Today, my girlfriend got an email from Jack Canfield about a promo for the Sedona Method
  5. She emailed me the email that she got because I had mentioned it a few hours ago


That’s one name for it.


That’s my name for it.

This is exactly how the attractor factor works. You set an intention. You decide that you can live with or without it, no matter how it turns out and you let go of “needing” it. Then you just act on the hints that come your way, or on your intuition, and when the resources appear like magic – you JUMP, you Take Action!

I told someone, asked them about it, and then THEY got the email about it with a coupon for a discount for the product, a 20 CD Audio training program for the Sedona Method.

This is the part where I jump. I buy the product or go see if I can find it at my library and borrow it. See, you don’t have to purchase it. I’ve just been given all the signs that I should act and at least listen to the program and learn from it, so I’ll use my resources to get the product. That’s me jumping. That’s me Acting.

That’s how the Attractor Factor Works

What do I want? I wrote about it a few weeks ago.

My girlfriend is going to Peru on a womans retreat. She wants to raise money for a Peruvian childrens charity.

I asked how much she wanted to raise. She said $500.

I said “why not $10,000?”

So now I’m telling everyone I know about it, asking for help, the people, the connections. If I keep my mouth shut, nobody knows, if I tell the world what I want, I get support.

From where? I don’t know.

Doesn’t matter.

I just know that it’s on the way from where it is now.

That’s what I want, to somehow connect the right people to end up with $10,000 or more in donations for the Peruvian children’s charity.

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